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October 31, 2023
By Mijo! Brands

Our Branding Agency: Marketing mysteries are solved! 

There are brands with unsolved mysteries waiting to be unravelled. Our branding agency could be the answer. Follow the clues to solve the puzzle!

Our Branding Agency: Marketing mysteries are solved! 

We at Mijo morph into detectives when it comes to following patterns, identifying problems, and facing strategic challenges. Join the intriguing world of our branding agency, where mystery and strategy intertwine, Sherlock Holmes style. 

1. Brand audit 

Our detectives are often tasked with solving cases for brands that are in trouble. A common challenge is that despite constant effort and the creation of good content, the brand is not connecting with its audience, not generating conversions, and is on the brink of the digital void. Let’s follow the first clues to solve our case! 

This case is a classic example of when we would use our brand audit service. To begin, we need to carry out a detailed analysis of the brand’s image and find its opportunities. After gathering information, it is time to switch on our strategic brains and begin designing a strategy to transform internal pain points into new opportunities for improvement. 

This can happen to anyone! Keep in mind that even larger companies with years of experience often carry out audits, since markets are constantly changing. McDonald’s is a good example of this. A few years ago, the company realized that despite being well known, it needed to connect with younger generations. 

In their new image, gold and yellow now stand out, leaving behind the power of red. They have also made other changes, such as typography, and have even transformed the design of the french fries into their containers/boxes. These changes help them look less rigid and precise, all to give them a more natural and human appearance. Their strategy is now related to feel good marketing and conveying the idea of happiness, and they do a great job! But it all started thanks to a brand audit. 

2. Naming 

There are situations where a detective is not enough. We have received cases from brands who are closing in on their launch, or other established brands who suspect that their current name does not reflect their message as a company.  In these cases, we require the support of a naming specialist  

Naming is not only focused on companies that are starting out and looking for the perfect name, but it is also useful when it is necessary to modify it strategically. In our next posts, we will share some examples we have worked on. Don’t miss it! 

Did you know that Nike was not the original name when the brand was born? This famous sports clothing and footwear company was founded in 1964 under the name “Blue Ribbon Sports”; However, in 1971 they decided to change their name. The name Nike was inspired by the Greek goddess of victory, who symbolizes the competitive spirit and the ambition to push limits. 

After the name change, there was no stopping them! It is important to mention that they also applied other strategies, but it all started with changing their name and the way they wanted to be perceived. 

3. Corporate identity 

There are more complex cases. Sometimes companies can show some skepticism when the results of the audit determine that a review of its corporate identity is required. 

Corporate identity is like your brand’s superhero suit! Why? Because it’s what makes your company stand out in a market that can be over saturated with the same ideas, values, and styles (figuratively speaking, of course). 

Some brands may not realize that they have lost their shine in the market. That its values, personality, and mission no longer align with its current identity. Our task as detectives is to unravel the mystery and help restore the connection between the brand and the consumers

As a branding agency, we know that renewing corporate identity is a useful strategy to revitalize any brand. Uber is an example that you don’t have to wait years and years to have an identity overhaul. Even though it is a young company, Uber has changed their logo five times. In 2018 they surprised us all with new upgrades to their services. Their improvements made it adapt more effectively to mobile devices, look cleaner, and be more accessible. 

But it’s not just about the change of logo; Their entire identity has evolved as they have expanded their services, seeking to convey broader messages of connectivity and mobility. They managed to convey a broader message of connectivity and mobility in everything they do. 

4. Brand strategy 

The brand strategy is the coming together of the clues that the detectives have collected and creating an action plan once the puzzle is solved. 

Starbucks is a great reference for a successful brand strategy. Its strategy is linked to emotional marketing, creating a genuine and emotional connection with the consumer. In addition, it has built a community of followers loyal to its brand, providing personalized experiences, standing out for its quality, and its commitment to sustainability, without the high price of its products being an obstacle. 

Do you remember when they released their Unicorn Frappuccino? Their strategy was based on emotional content with unique and limited promotion. It became a social media sensation, and people couldn’t resist sharing their photos with the drink. The taste didn’t matter as much; What really counted was sharing it and being part of the #UnicornFrapuccino movement. 

All this was not random,  there were detectives like us who carefully studied the case and deciphered the strategic structure behind the brand. As a result, Starbucks continues to be one of the leading companies in the coffee industry.  

Be careful! Don’t get stuck making the same mistakes. Each case is a unique mystery and our brand strategy service is ready to discover the keys to make your brand stand out. 

Specialists in unsolved mysteries, as a branding agency 

We have broken down some of the services we can offer you. From the audit that reveals the secrets of your brand to the strategy that guides you to success. 

Our work as detectives is super exciting. Each project is a unique investigation where we collect clues, analyze data, and create strategies to propel any brand to the next level. Our branding agency services are ready to create a formula that will make your brand shine! 

Contact us by any means you prefer and simply write: “I need a detective Mijo” We are eager to help you with your case and reveal the mystery behind your brand! 


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