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November 20, 2020
By David Soffer

To SEO or not to SEO

Answer these 5 key questions and determine if your SEO is the right one.

To SEO or not to SEO

We have all heard of this acronym; SEO this, SEO that. However, I have found out that few people really understand what it means and how they can use SEO to position their website.

If we start from the definition, Search Engine Optimization is a series of techniques or good practices that search engines rate in the digital world. Therefore, SEO is not a switch that you turn on and off on your website. It is however, techniques, content, images, structures and a series of actions that are carried out day by day, month by month, in addition to being able to make your brand more visible in the crowded and competing digital sea.

Despite this, I have found myself involved in many conversations in which the effectiveness of this practice is questioned. This is completely related to the collective subconscious of a current society that looks for fast, impressive and repeatable results. Unfortunately, I have bad news for these types of people: SEO is something that takes months or years. Digital positioning is an art that involves many hours of work and, above all, a lot of knowledge, both empirical and scientific.

Here are 5 key questions that will help you determine if your SEO is adequate and if you urgently need a team to redefine your digital presence:

  1. Have you thought about how the different types of Buyer Persona search for for your brand, products or services?
  2. Have you researched search trends in the market with highly specialized market research and prospecting tools?
  3. Have you taken into account the different variables that Google and other search engines use to rate your site – and I’m not just referring to the content?
  4. Do you know how well your website performs at the UX level? (If you don’t have a website, you have 1,000,000 negative points.)
  5. Do you have a unified and congruent keyword strategy, not only for your website, but also for all your brand’s digital channels?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, you urgently need to get to work.

Today, the world has taken a 100-year leap digitally. E-commerce, social networks, digital marketing, and so on, have become the only way that brands have, not only to sell their services or products, but also to generate a conversation and engagement with their audiences.

That is why we invite you to do this introspection exercise with your brand. Evaluate your options and start acting, because your competitors are already 2 steps ahead.

But… no, don’t despair dear reader, because SEO or not, in Mijo! Brands, a creative digital marketing agency with offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, we have a team of professionals in all disciplines that supports you in this fierce fight against the ghosts and myths related to this fundamental practice. This way, not only will your website rank among the top results, it will also take you one step further in generating leads and market share.

David Soffer is Community Manager & E-Commerce Executive at Mijo! Brands. A Bachelor of Communication Sciences graduate from the Technological University of Mexico UNITEC, complemented by courses in editorial design, photography and digital marketing. David has a vocation of service focused on the client and knowledge of human nature, a vision developed along his path via diverse companies with different cultures and degrees of attention. A loyal lover, who only engages in affairs with literature or through the lens of a camera that in his free time refines him as an independent photographer.


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