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October 28, 2020
By José Sánchez

Do you want your Instagram account to stand out from the rest?

Learn about 4 different patterns for you to consider when wanting to convey the personality of your brand to your target audience.

Do you want your Instagram account to stand out from the rest?

Let’s start with a quick definition of the Instagram feed: It is the main dashboard where we can see all the publications from a single personal or business account.

Now, in the Instagram feed we can use different patterns to make our publications look orderly, attractive and become a way to convey the personality of our brand. Structuring the above, in accordance with an appropriate content strategy, frequency and publication schedule, we will be able to attract the attention of our target audience.

Next, I present 4 different patterns, with their respective pros and cons, for you to consider when transmitting the personality of your brand:


Such a pattern is not difficult to achieve. As the name implies, you only need to imitate a chessboard in photo publications, with images on a white background.

One of the main advantages is that it allows you to have an orderly feed. However, depending on the resources you use for images with a white background, the content can become monotonous. So, take care of that detail.


This pattern consists of choosing predominant colors or tones for your publications. One of the main advantages is that you can use the corporate colors of your brand to give it the personality you are looking for, although, on the other hand, it could limit your use of content.


To structure this pattern, you need to create a background that works as a composition for several of your posts that allows them to work separately, but also together.

Consider that you must develop an excellent content and background strategy for this pattern to work correctly.


It is a pattern similar to Chess. It consists of using a light and a dark tone to publish them alternately.

It is perfect if the colors of your brand or company have this contrast in their tones. One possible downside is that it allows you little flexibility, which could limit your content options.

Finally, let’s remember that Instagram is a platform that has millions of accounts; many of them are direct competition for your brand and what these patterns allow is the opportunity to stand out and do something different with your content.

It is very important to identify if any of these or other patterns fit perfectly with your brand or company. Remember that proper planning of a content strategy, tone of voice, frequency, and posting times will help you attract your target audience.

At Mijo! Brands, a leading creative agency in digital marketing, with a presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals who can help you generate an effective content strategy that reflects the personality of your brand and capture your target audience.

José Sánchez is Community Manager at Mijo! Brands. A content creator who is not afraid to rely on diverse elements and strategies, with the clear conviction that the only limit is his own creativity. He graduated with a degree in Advertising and Media from the Technological University of Mexico UNITEC, and currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Multimedia Design. First-born in a triple birth, his character has been forged by the need to differentiate himself. Practicing soccer is just one of the sports he enjoys along with outdoor activities, walking his golden retrievers and an afternoon in good company, which if appropriate, can be culminated with a session of Netflix and chill.


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