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August 26, 2019
By Sarah Rose

Responsible Digital Consumption

How to create ripples of change within your digital community.

Responsible Digital Consumption

No matter what generation you were born in, if you are conscious and aware of the tragedies that our planet and an insurmountable number of humans around the world are facing today, chances are you’ve experienced various moments of sadness, desperation, and even hopelessness. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

These moments tend to translate for many of us into powerful impulses to create change in the community around us, in order to participate in creating a better world for everyone. The question inevitably ends up being: how do I achieve this?

Although the world seems to be serving up main courses of poverty and greed, complimented by natural disasters and broken political systems (I’m having trouble figuring out whether they ever worked in the first place?), what you may not be aware of is the fact that people all over the world are taking huge steps in the right direction every day. We’re waking up, and we’re doing something about it.

Now here’s the catch: news sources all over the world seem to focus most of their resources on everything that is going wrong with the world today; instead on what is going right. In a day and age where social media is the main news source for a huge percentage of the population, a lot of negative content is being delivered to the world on a daily basis.

What many of us don’t realize, is that instead of being exposed to heart-wrenching content every day, we could be demanding that public media and news sources spend more resources on positive reporting. Plus, focus a little deeper on educating the population on how they can participate in creating their own happy and healthy communities around the world.

As these kinds of concepts become trends, conscious living lifestyles are on the rise. One of these lifestyles is includes an ever-growing awareness of our responsibility as consumers. Businesses and corporations have no choice but to operate on a supply and demand basis; meaning that each and every one of our purchases have a direct effect on the products that are being delivered to stores.

For example, we choose to reduce our meat intake by purchasing plant-based foods for a dinner party, and then 5 of our friends who liked the meat alternative choose to buy them again and share them with 5 others, who share them with others and so on, we’ve managed to create a whole new market; one that will drastically reduce our consumption-related environmental footprint.

Stores and producers will recognize that people in the community are demanding more and more alternative options and will invest in creating more options and ordering more to have available on the shelves. This applies to foods, packaging, clothing, furniture, beauty products and basically anything and everything else.

Now, take this concept a little further and imagine our decision to choose the kind of news we’d like to see on our social media feeds, and not just the items we’d like to see in stores. Facebook, for example, has actually made this easier by adding a feature where you can choose to filter out specific genres of content.

For example, if you’re as sick of his face as I am (I am 99.99% sure you know who I’m talking about), then you can choose to “Hide Post” every time you see him pop up, and eventually you’ll shift the algorithm on your profile so that it won’t show you that type of content anymore.

Now, imagine what happens to the entire platform’s algorithm if enough people do the same thing. Plus, it’ll shift social media reporting resources once platforms realize that there is a high demand for content that is focused on positive, inspiring, and forward-thinking news.

The same concept can be applied to essentially all negative content that pops up on our social media feeds. Let’s promote a happier, healthier, and more inspiring news delivery platform. Instead of feeling dread about all the horrible things that go on in this world, we are instead celebrating and supporting all the incredible innovative things that are happening on a daily basis.

Everything from game-changing advances in technology, innovative power resources, space exploration, environmental restoration and protection projects; to sustainable housing, alternative education, human rights movements, and brand new eco-conscious product availability are all taking place on a daily basis. We have a lot to celebrate!

One of the most oppressive realities today for any social media user is the amount of hopelessness and pressure we can feel when we are blasted with one tragedy after the next through social media on a daily basis. In order to be our most powerful selves, we need to take on the responsibility of censoring the information we allow into our minds every day. Demand reporting on good news, innovative science and on the beauty that can be found among the extraordinary intelligence and capability of unconditional love that we are blessed with as a part of humanity.

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Sarah lives in her little bubble of compassion and love for the planet. She studied Literature and Communications at Camosun College in Victoria B.C., and is presently working remotely as a writer in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. When she isn’t spending her time geeking out in the digital world, tending to her plants, or reading books on anything and everything, you can find her running barefoot with her pups, looking up delicious new vegetarian recipes to try, or trying (and failing) to reach whatever is on the top shelf.


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