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January 19, 2018
By Daniel Gómez

Speaking to Win

A brand's tone of voice case study

Speaking to Win

As social media´s influence and reach continue to balloon, it’s harder for organizations to communicate successfully with their audiences. Speaking effectively reduces effort and investment while engaging customers in saturated communication channels. Below we share how we helped some of Mexico’s real estate brands exploit and communicate their uniqueness to their customers.

  1. Explore your Influences

A brand strategy is a guide to determine in general terms how the brand’s voice will be developed, and this should be influenced by your offer, your segment, and your internal and external partners. If your brand strategy does not include a brand voice then look inward to determine how you are already communicating and what, if any, changes need to be made.

  1. Listen to Your Customers

Just like the exploring point above, listening is crucial in developing your brand voice and message. While we do not want to transmit a voice that panders to others, it is important to align our voice to our customers. Think of the annoying pre-recorded messages that Telmex or your bank assault you with on a regular basis, their formality suggests they may be out of step with their end customer. Have you tried calling a call center recently? The experience probably left you thinking you were speaking with an android, given the emotionless and mechanical scripts most call center workers are trained to follow.

  1. Differentiate Yourself

It’s all about originality. Closely competing brands need not sound the same. We`ve helped some of Mexico’s leading real estate brands – from Quiero Casa to Cragsa to Sierra del Mar, Timothy Real Estate Group to The Agency, create a compelling brand voice with distinct key messages that have helped differentiate what is generally a very generic and commoditized industry. With creativity and patience, you can own “luxury” even if your closest competitors offer the same.

  1. Define Your Personality

Reference your brand values. Developed successfully, they will form the basis of your tone of voice and resolve whether it is formal or personal, friendly or efficient. We work with clients in helping them define their personality by working with them to define how they deliver their services to clients. We walk through an iterative process to help them understand how language and nuance affect how they are perceived in service delivery.

  1. Inspire Your Followers

Inspiring requires creativity and leadership. We worked with Tropicasa Realty, one of Vallarta’s real estate pioneers, in developing an aspirational brand strategy based on innovation and sustainability which influences not only their tone of voice and key messaging, but the agents they attract, the developers they work with and how they work with them.

  1. Engage in Conversation

We helped Elengorn Realtors evolve from a single person brand to a leading real estate brand in Vallarta-Nayarit. We deployed a variety of social media channels and tactics to promote its founder’s youthful and energetic personality and company. We binned the traditional video-tour of properties in favour of filming a series of videos that communicated her style, offer and insights in an authentic and non-scripted way. The result: a view rate of 19% in the four-week branding campaign on YouTube, aimed at the North American segment with more than 4 thousand organic views of branded content in 2.5 months.

  1. Keep Moving

Branding and marketing are organic in nature. The process of which, whether it be defining your audience, your tone of voice or campaign tactics, should evolve as your customer, sector and channels demand. According to Forbes, customer loyalty is at an all time low, as consumers seek brands that respond to their changing needs and demands.

Daniel Gomez, a brand strategist, is managing partner at Mijo! Brands, Mexico City.  In 2007, Daniel received his MBA from LSBU in London, England where he specialized in innovation. Daniel splits his time between launching innovative brands across multiple sectors and continually struggling to finish the CDMX marathon in under 4.5 hours.

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