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March 9, 2017
By Ángel Estrada

How Will Marketing Improve with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has become one of the most powerful tools for marketing for companies.

How Will Marketing Improve with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a concept used for the digital connection of everyday objects with internet.

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the most important event in the world of products of consumer products and technology held in Las Vegas every year, leading companies introduced their innovations in products with internet connectivity to the world.

But the concept of the Internet of Things goes beyond electronic gadgets connected to the internet, it also covers any object connected that we can imagine and includes traditional products that can now be digitalized with smart tags.

Having these traditional products connected generates so much information that will help digital marketing agencies to know more about the consumer, by being able to measure the consumer’s habits. This will help them to be able to improve planning and strategies, in order to better reach targeted consumers.

In this context, the concept of intelligent packaging emerges, thanks to the existence of tags with NFC and RFID that transform the product into an emitter and /or receptor of information.

Can you imagine the impact that all this information will have on the marketing agencies and companies? It is a universe of real data provided by the product itself in real time and that interacts with people. An ocean of information that will allow us to know at any moment when exactly a product is being consumed, if the consumer likes it or not, what is happening with them, and how can it be improved.

A great example of this is what the whisky brand Johnnie Walker is doing together with Thinfilm Printed Electronics. They have made a smart bottle with an NFC chip that can interact with the user’s mobile, offering data such as advice to open and enjoy the bottle to the maximum, about its history, packaging date, limited edition number, amongst many other things.

This prototype of a Smart bottle goes even further, it also integrates services in the cloud that offer statistical numbers that allow each one of the bottles to be identified, control whether they have been opened, to associate dynamic data, provide marketing experiences at the moment of consumption, capture the user experience in real time, and analyze the data obtained.

Now I invite you to analyze where your product is and where you want to see it in a couple of years. Integrate technology into your packages and make it so that your products are a part of the Internet of Things; this will help you to give that plus to the consumers and will help you to obtain more information about the habits of those consuming the product. In addition, it will also allow your marketing strategies to be reinvented and help your product to keep growing to be a great success.

Angel Estrada is a Senior Web Developer in Mijo! Brands, a leading agency in CDMX and Puerto Vallarta. Visit us at or contact us.


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