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August 26, 2016
By Erik Torres

What can eSports do for your business?

There are various ways of involving your company in eSports all in the means for publicity and brand recognition. We show you the most common means for this.

What can eSports do for your business?

The term eSports (electronic sports) is relatively new referring to competitive video gaming, be it on PC or video game console. Like traditional sports, eSports has the same platform, a competition between various teams or various single players until one is crowned victorious.

Although competitions in video games has been around for a while now, it has seen a rising in popularity in the early 2010’s specifically speaking of events being broadcasted and having a live audience. The impact has been worldwide, hosting international events with participants from all over the globe with well known stadiums being home to said events.

Due to the popularity video games have, it is to no surprise that it become a “sport” and with it acquiring said status an income is also acquired. A recent study done this year by Newzoo shows the growth in revenue eSports has generated from 2012 and estimates to 2019. Last year the estimate of revenue was of $325 million and an estimate of 42.6% growth this year reaching $463 million. It is estimated by the year 2019 hit $1.07 billion in revenue hitting an overall $ 2 billion in revenue.

There are various ways of involving your company in eSports all in the means for publicity and brand recognition. On a platform that has millions of active users daily on multiple services, video gaming is steadily becoming a more effective way of reaching out potential clients. The most common means for this are as follows:

  • Live stream: The Live Stream services have also been a growing concept and partially the reason for why eSports has had such a fast growing in popularity. Being a direct live stream, it allows for publicity and spots. One of the well known services of livestream, Twitch, already implements commercials during their users livestreams. Twitch users have sponsors that help support their channels while providing viewers with discounts for their products or just simply promote their sponsors. Having a sponsored streamer opens up the possibility of getting out to a specific market with a person able to communicate your brand to their audience. 
  • Competitive play teams: Like in traditional sports, eSports teams are founded or supported by companies. Some companies like Roccat, Red Bull and Corsair among others have invested in professional eSports teams for publicity means, some including them on jerseys, merchandise and even including the name within the team. 
  • Host tournaments: Some companies, most notably Intel, host tournaments for eSports, inviting eSports offering a monetary grand prize for the winner team. Some even offering prize to viewers and attending audience. 
  • Hosting events: Events for video games and video gaming related have been more and more common, conventions for a particular game or a genre of game. With it come the opportunity to promote your company offering services and products to passer by’s. Some even have special invitations to famous people among the community to talk about their sponsored companies.

In Mijo! we identify the distinct opportunities for a company to get their image out on the market. Having a new feed of live stream that is not limited to a single services provider, a feed that is accessible by anyone through an internet connection getting out to a very active group of viewers is taking what traditional publicity used to be and making it more efficient and direct.

Are you a fan of eSports? Do you follow lifestream channels or events? Leave us your comments!

Erik Torres is Web Developer at Mijo! Brands, a leading digital agency with offices in CDMX and Puerto Vallarta. For more information, please contact us.

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