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April 6, 2016
By Mijo! Brands

Promoted Pins: A Promising Prospect from Pinterest

Mijo! Brands offers 4 tips for understanding how to use Pinterest Promoted Pins to best benefit your business

Promoted Pins: A Promising Prospect from Pinterest

The new “Promoted Pins” feature on Pinterest allows brands to achieve marketing objectives of recognition, interaction and visitors aka Awareness, Engagement and Traffic.  It is a simple but effective tool, a paid function that works the same way as organic pins but with results that promise to be much better. So how can your brand take advantage of this new feature? Mijo! Brands offers 4 tips for understanding how to use Pinterest Promotional Pins to best benefit your business

1- Select a pin: Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. On a social network like Pinterest, which bases its traffic and activities on images, the first impression you are giving potential customers is the only one that counts. Your pin must not only show the product you’re selling, but also reference your brand identity and philosophy. A pin that is striking, creative and shows clearly who you are and what you sell, is a pin that will more than likely be shared.

2- Decide who you’re targeting: Be thoughtful about who you want to see your pin, selecting the information, the language, the category, etc. According to a recent study by Fortune Magazine, Pinterest has more than 100 million active users, an increase of 81% in searches over last year and it is estimated that Pinterest users spend 50% more than the average customer. However, keep in mind that more than 75% of users are female, (although the number of male users is increasing), mainly millennials and the type of commercial content displayed on Pinterest is mainly that of consumables, fashion, design and technology, services and experiences as well as real estate, hotels, restaurants, events and graphic and interior design.

   3- Choose the best options for your goals: Brands can pay to target more interaction or to target more visits. Depending on your goal, there are 3 options:

  • Engagement: Achieved through repins, clicks, and views of your pins. You pay each time a user shares your pin.
  • Traffic: Attract users to your website when they click on your pins. With this option, you pay per each click that redirects to your site. 
  • Awareness: Promotional pins which are used to gain brand exposure. This tool is currently available only to Fortune 500 companies but is expected to spread to more companies in the future.

4- Analyze, monitor and modify:  Pinterest offers business accounts the Pinterest Analytics tool which allows you to analyze what users are liking on your account: pins with most impressions, repins, clicks, what kind of pins they prefer, etc. . It also generates statistical data about your audience (demographics and interests), the type of devices they are using and activity on your website (traffic and conversion). All this information is very useful in tracking if goals are being achieved, if your investment is paying off and whether to change up your strategy.

This tool is already producing success stories according to official data, but is currently only available in the USA.  There is already a waiting list for Premium customers from other countries and if this new tool is successful as predicted, Promoted Pins are expected to become international in the near future.

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