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December 2, 2015
By Víctor Ramos

Marketing Techniques to Win and Retain Customers

Mijo! Brands shares some more marketing techniques to win and retain customers in a competitive world.

Marketing Techniques to Win and Retain Customers

It’s really not that easy to win and retain customers. In a competitive world as we have, creativity and implementing some techniques will help your brand slowly take root to success. Then Mijo! Brands you share some marketing techniques to win and retain customers.

• Take Advantage of your 'Partners'
If you have partnerships with other brands, please contact them to let them know the marketing campaign you're launching. They not only can help you, but they can join the cause and, thus, achieve much more exposure.

• Viral Marketing
Get all your contacts and social networks that already have your brand and do something daring, shocking or just curious. Then pass it to everyone you can. If you're lucky, the content will go viral and gain a lot of exposure to new customers and / or prospects. Just remember not to stray from the topic of the product or service you offer care and professionalism of your image or video.

• Specialized Mailing
Mailing is effective if you take advantage of a time when you can be generating demand. Look for trade shows, conferences and publications, and by attending, you can get contacts and people who care about what you offer. A variant is the marketing of expectations in which you warn that from a date something happens on that date and send information. By creating expectation also call attention to your brand.

• Conferences and Free Courses
To convene a group of prospects to a conference or course without cost, not only will you gain their trust by demonstrating skills and knowledge in your field, but you will also be teaching them why the product or service you offer is the solution to your problems. Just remember not to try to sell anything to anyone at that time. The primary objective is to create interest and arouse expectations.

Have you done some of these techniques? What will work best? Leave your comments further down.

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