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August 4, 2014
By Jorge Chávez

Strategies to Retain Talent in your Company

What are the best initiatives to retain and motivate talented professionals within your company? Here are some suggestions.

Strategies to Retain Talent in your Company

Clearly, employees are valuable company asset. Each of them, based on their skills and abilities, has something to contribute and is an integral component of a company's success. But to ensure the commitment and motivation of its employees, a company must have a strategic plan to ensure the continued development and strengthening of its human resources.

PageGroup a recruitment consulting firm, presented some key initiatives needed to retain talented professionals in a company:

• Development Plan
Implementing this tool, in addition to contributing to the development of employee skills and knowledge, is a great motivation for team members. Offer attractive programs, defined study or career paths that will reaffirm their commitment and loyalty to the company.

• Flexible Schedules
It is no secret that the Internet has completely changed the working environment. Today, professionals seeking flexible schedules which allow them to do work from home in order to achieve balance between their work and personal life.

• Incentive Programs
All employees like to have their work recognized and rewarded and having an incentive program in place will increase staff performance. Incentives can be anything from cash bonuses to additional days off with pay.

• Recreational Spaces
Recreational spaces in a working environment allow employees to lower their stress level. They are easy to implement and are conductive to creating a productive and creative work space.

• Extracurricular Activities
An excellent way to foster a spirit of teamwork is doing group sports activities. This will help promote a positive work environment among both colleagues and with other companies.

• Getting started…
Many companies recognize their employees on their birthday with a cake to share with the staff or with the day off with pay.

The implementation of such initiatives will greatly improve the performance of your team and surely foster a creative environment that will be reflected to your customers. Do you have another point to add to the list or another great incentive idea? Leave me your comments below and start the debate.

Jorge Chavez is Senior Editor at Mijo! Brands of Mexico.

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