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June 9, 2014
By Jorge Chávez

Mijo! Launches Xinka Systems

Mijo! Brands has recently developed Xinka Systems, a sister company that offers a web-based digital content management solutions platform.

Mijo! Launches Xinka Systems

The digital marketing agency, Mijo! Brands, has recently developed Xinka Systems, a sister company that offers a web-based digital content management solutions platform called “Xinka” which offers high quality websites at an affordable price point from attract small and mid-level businesses.

Its launch was designed to meet the demand of companies that require full-scale and accessible applications that meet all Web 3.0 standards. Xinka uses a series of pre-designed templates to accelerate the web programming process to expand the online presence of a business.

This web solution is ideal for the real estate sector, tour operators, hotels, restaurants and event planning, and includes:

Web Design and Development (web strategy, web design, content generation, e-commerce and CMS)

Mobile Application Development (iOS and Android)

Internet Marketing (SEO planning, mailing campaigns and social media)

The Xinka framework allows websites to be developed in as little as 10 days and uses the SaaS model (Software as a Service) which allows for minimum initial investment through a monthly retainer.

Also conceived as a social project, this framework is ideal for NGOs because it offers a full-scale solution. The framework provides web 3.0 standards with a minimum investment in order to not divert funds from where they are needed by the larger community.

With Xinka Systems, Mijo! Brands has significantly expanded its product portfolio, which also includes the popular C!ne app focused on providing multiplex schedules for Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit which was recently launched in this year.

The entrepreneurial culture of Mijo! Brands continues to take the lead in the planning, development and implementation of various projects focusing on the digital environment.

Visit Xinka Systems.

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