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March 26, 2014
By Jorge Chávez

Success Lies at Lunchtime

Mijo! Brands presents 10 basic lunch break tips of successful business people.

Success Lies at Lunchtime

Several experts say that eating at your desk or without putting down your smartphone usually has a negative effect on the mountain of work that still needs to be completed in the afternoon. And studies have shown that successful business people take a break in the middle of the day to gather in groups, chat and plan the rest of the workday.

Mijo! Brands presents 10 basic tips that successful people in business do during lunch hour:

• Plan your day with lunch in mind
Never schedule a lunch meeting without putting at least 10 minutes aside to plan and prioritize your afternoon.

• Interact
Eating lunch with a new person each day not only expands your knowledge base but also your social circle.

• Take time to eat
Eat healthy. Nutritionists recommend eating slowly and avoiding junk food, which ultimately harms your health and also affects stress levels and the ability to concentrate.

• Move
Exercise is great for reducing stress. We’re not suggesting you run a marathon but walk at least a couple of blocks to clear your mind.

• Review the first half of your day
The lunch is ideal for reviewing the progress you've made in the first half of the day. Reflect and give yourself some credit for your achievements.

• Read
Not reports or emails, but rather take advantage of your lunch break to de-stress with a good book.

• Take some personal time
Take time to complete some personal tasks like calling a friend, planning your appointments or writing thank you notes.

• Have fun
Hang out with a friend or just sit down in the park for some people watching. These activities will help you unwind and be ready to face your afternoon work.

• Log out
Why do not you turn off your electronic devices and enjoy some peace and quiet during lunch?

• Brainstorm
Dream with new concepts, ideas and solutions that you can apply to your daily life.

What else do you recommend doing during lunch break to increase workplace productivity? Leave me your comments below and start the debate.

Jorge Chavez is Senior Editor at Mijo! Brands of Mexico.

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