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August 8, 2013
By Elidee Hernández

3 Apps to get you in shape

Here is a selection fo the best apps to get you in shape.

3 Apps to get you in shape

After de summer vacations we always try to find ways to get rid of that extra weight we gained. According to the nutritionist Janet Cossio from the Andrés Bello National University of Chile during the vacations is when is most probable that we consume more calories than normal.

The specialist says that in three weeks of vacations, if the consumption of calories doubles your weight will increase at a rate of 1 to 2 kilos each week.

After knowing the effects that the vacations have left in our body, it’s time to get more active and put the technology in our favor. Here is a selection of Apps that you can download for your smartphone to get in shape.

As easy as opening the Apple Store or Googleplay, type beauty, health, and exercise you can have in your Smartphone or tablet the apps that will help you to take care of yourself.

For those lovers of the exercise routines, this is an app designed to get in shape. This Nike app is one of the most popular in the App store and has been completely renovated this summer. It doesn’t use any additional sensor since with its GPS it can track our progress and it also provides the motivation to keep going without the mood decaying.

Another good thing is that this App lets you open your music library while the indications are plated too which makes more fun your training session.

You can download it for iOS and Android for free.

Adidas MiCoach

After the success of the combination between Nike and the Apple smartphones, the principal competition of Nike, Adidas, launched its own ecosystem to get the attention of the runners. That’s how Adidas MiCoach was born since it also included the availability of pedometers and heart rate monitors, as well as other gadgets. Adidas MiCoach, as it name suggest, is an authentic personal trainer that will advise us on how to make a good progress while running according to our level. If that doesn’t already motivate you enough, David Villa, the Barcelona Player, will be accompanying you in the Spanish version.

You can download it for iOS and Android  for free.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

It can be said that the Endomondo Sports Tracker presents itself as a perfect training assistant since it gives us the possibility of planning our exercise sessions and be able to access our registers in real time, even share and compare them with our friends. This app is focused on improving our performance and surpassing the initial objectives of each exercise session.

You can download it for iOS and Android. for free.


Have you tried any of them? Which other app do you recommend us?


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