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April 24, 2013
By Víctor Ramos

Tablet or Laptop?

Are you having problems when deciding what to buy? This might help you.

Tablet or Laptop?

Recently, and due the popularity of the Ipad tablet from Apple and from other companies like BlackBerry or Samsung, many people have had problems when deciding whether buying a Tablet, a laptop, a PC or even a Smartphone.

All of these gadgets can cover many similar necessities such as checking the e-mail, using programs like Microsoft Office, open social networks and surf in the internet. Choosing between a laptop and a Tablet is becoming harder as time passes and boundaries get blurry.

In the price range, a new generation Tablet can cost around 10,000 pesos and the cheapest netbook can cost only 4,000. On the other hand, a Tablet with Android can cost 3,000 and a Mac laptop 20,000. This wide price range can make the customer doubt since he can’t use his budget as something to take in count when choosing.

If you want to know which is the best gadget for you need to ask yourself some questions first: Do you prefer mobility or comfort? Are you going to use it for fun or to work? If it’s to work, are you going to do the actual work there? Or you will just show it there?

It’s important to remember that the strong characteristic of the tablets is the mobility. They weigh less than 1kg, WiFi and great battery duration but writing long texts in them can become tedious and you can only have one program open at a time.

If you are planning to write a lot, have more than one program open at a time or the touchscreen keywords aren’t for you then you should consider a netbook. Its battery lasts almost 6 hours and although they weren’t made for running games or having many programs open they can satisfy your basic computer needs.

Another option is a laptop. The netbooks and laptops are very similar in shape but the internal characteristics are very different. Normally, laptops are heavier, faster and more expensive. In a laptop you can do almost everything you can do in a PC like running many programs while you listen to music and maybe watch a video. The only negative point is that the battery won’t last for more than 3 hours. 

Víctor Ramos is a Community Manager at Mijo! Brands in México.

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