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October 18, 2018
By Julián Lara

The Conceptualization in Design

A picture is worth a thousand words for better or for worse.

The Conceptualization in Design

The phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a cliché. But all the clichés work because they’re still true, at least in a way …

In the design of an image there are many principles contained and if it’s done correctly it must communicate the stated goals. In this process the conceptualization is fundamental, because during this stage we abstract and idealize a basic notion of what we want to represent. The designer must define the basic ideas that will be used to structure the graphic message and the guidelines to help all decisions that are taken throughout the task and the values that seek to exalt and define the personal touch that will differentiate the resulting product.

The designer enhances and simplifies, against the common belief that they only decorate something.

At this point you will be asking yourself: How do we conceptualize a design so that it’s something differentiated and univocal?

First of all, we need knowledge of the techniques and tools that will allow us to be more creative and find precise visual solutions. Obviously we must play, our studies and the designer’s experience.

Secondly, define a style, the public and an identity. These three elements are fundamental in creating a design and our success will depend on them.


To start with conceptualization, the first step is choosing the style that will give life to the design. In general terms how, we want our product to look – is it a real image, an illustration, a 3D render? – what kind of characters and/or objects will appear in it, and what will the attributes of these be. In a few words, it is a word description of what the image will be so that in our mind -and later in our canvas- we can begin to delimit the field of action.


Taking into account who we want to communicate with, we must think of what resources we can use to get their attention. For example, with children we would have to create a playful communicative product that has value for the consumer for which we are creating.


In this step, we must determine what will make our design different from what it might look like in similar concepts. So, in addition to the value that it fulfills for the public, will this design be unique enough to be memorable and then be able to fulfill the main objective? Following trends is an ideal way to generate attention but without a disruptive and innovative element, the trend is what will remain in the mind of the consumer and not the product/service/idea that we try to position.

Hence the importance of the conceptualization phase, as each element must play in favor of our objectives. This is what differentiates the work of a designer from someone who only learned to use a tool.

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Julián Lara is a designer at Mijo! Brands. Julián studied at the University of Boyacá in Tunja, Colombia; He is currently studying a specialization in Marketing Management. He calls himself an integral designer driven by a constant desire for learning and entrepreneurship. A travel, dance and studio photography lover. He devotes much of his free time to training disciplines such as kickboxing or insanity.


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