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September 6, 2018
By Carlos Becerra

Driving complexity

The role of advertising in the car buying process.

Driving complexity

According to marketing, there are four purchasing behaviors: seeking variety, habitual buying, dissonance reduction and complex buying.

The first two behaviors are classified as compulsive, because the buyer does not take into account considerations of price, brand or status, since they are related to the everyday acquisition of common, consumer products.

The third and fourth type, requires the buyer to become involved in the process and reflect on the decision he will make. In the case of dissonance reduction, the main consideration is price. While in the complex purchasing process, there are at least five determinant factors. A clear example is the purchase of a new car. This tends to represent a large investment for most, is a medium, or long, term investment, and  can provide social status, depending of the choice of vehicle.

1st Factor. High Level of Involvement. The buyer usually takes time to think about what they are looking for in a vehicle and analyzes their economic reality. The first step to capture the attention of the potential buyer is interest them in the brand promise through attractive messaging.

2nd Factor. Cars are generally expensive. Cars depreciate rapidly and imply medium-term expenses such as taxes. The advertising must justify these expenses by highlighting unique features, benefits or expectations about the vehicle.

3rd Factor. It is emotional ad personal. The agency needs to understand the motivation of the purchase and ensure that he positions the vehicle to respond to the buyers intangible and tangible needs. Although they may belong to the same brand, each model has its own personality that is determined by its own characteristics, and primarily by its target segment.

4th Factor. This is a one-at-a-time purchase and requires experience. For most people, it’s unusual to expend that amount of money more than few times in their whole life, that’s why it´s important to offer all relevant product information in a clear and simple manner. The empirical experience is necessary, so that even the most loyal customers are allowed to experience the brand be it through a test drive, in order to respond to any doubts the prospect may have.

5th Factor. The car purchase decision includes the assessment of opinions of others. A difficult decision implies a great responsibility, therefore, customers, in addition to being informed, usually take into account others’ opinions for fear of making a mistake. The brand must fill those gaps and solve doubts proficiently, making the potential buyer certain this is the best possible decision.

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Carlos Becerra is Community Manager at Mijo! Brands, creative digital marketing agency with presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta with clients throughout the country and internationally. Carlos is a graduate of the Bachelor of Social Communication at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM), has developed experience in different marketing tactic through direct attention to the client. He considers empathy and the ability to find creative solutions his main strengths. A fan of stories, regardless of the digital or analog format through which they are transmitted, and an avid animal lover as confirmed by his dog Toto, adopted from distant lands – Mérida, not Kansas, and his cat Luis Miguel.


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