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September 28, 2018
By Daniel Canales

3 essential processes for your brand graphics on social networks

Tips to make your brand stand out in the largest showcase.

3 essential processes for your brand graphics on social networks

The brand’s graphic consistency is a fundamental part of your communication, what would happen if suddenly we started seeing Coca Cola messages associated with the color green? Oh, wait a minute, that already happened … and it was a complete disaster on multiple levels (Coca Cola Life anyone?).

Social media offers the opportunity to directly connect with audiences, receive feedback and be part of the conversation. Because of this, brands risk repeating archaic forms of communication typical of mass media or atomize their messages until they are blurred and incapable of generating a real impact. That´s why it´s important to study potential audiences through whichever social platform you use that can simultaneously enhance your reputation, build loyalty and generate a meaningful connection with users.

Without a doubt, graphic design elements are a definite must to achieve this. Therefore, I would like to share 3 essential processes in generating design that offer real value to your brand:

Brand consistency. Take into account that users are giving you an “in” to their personal space, which is their news feed/notifications and that you can generate empathy by being authentic and consistent. The creation of a brand guideline determines the brand’s communication style – like the use of identity elements such as logo, slogan, typography, colors, etc.-, is essential for designers.

Defining the tone of voice and key messages is of vital importance. Remember to leave some room to move from the institutional to the playful, but it must be done within parameters expected, to avoid creating the an idea of ​​a schizophrenic brand that would do anything in order to create a relationship, even an artificial one.

Take advantage of different formats. Social networks and the internet are not e-magazines, take advantage of the interactive formats they offer. Obviously, an image will always be necessary, but the addition of galleries, gifs, animations and even videos, can help you generate a better dialogue, position yourself in the mind of your followers and eventually make the conversions that justify your investment.

Keep it simple. If you must be consistent with the tone and messages, you should also launch them constantly. Frequency can facilitate the creation of a connection, and therefore a simple and direct style must be achieved with a level of quality that you can maintain. It is useless to invest in huge productions or infographics deserving of a Pulitzer, if you lose your audience by not fulfilling the promise to deliver information that’s fun and aspirational.

This is a lot of information to manage alongside running your company but, fear not!

At Mijo! Brands we have an interdisciplinary team of professionals that will help you boost your brand through social networks and the Internet. Contact us to design a strategy according to the needs of your business with measurable and verifiable results.

Daniel Canales is a Sr. Graphic Designer at Mijo! Brands, the leading creative agency in digital marketing with offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.

Daniel is a Graphic Designer from the University Center of the Coast of the University of Guadalajara (Centro Universitario de la Costa de la Universidad de Guadalajara). He has extensive experience in the implementation and development of creative concepts for brands, and ranges from excessive attention to detail to absolute pragmatism. He believes that today’s society has reached a high point in video games, so he does not hesitate to devote gaming sessions of up to 14 hours when work allows it.


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