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January 26, 2018
By Daniel Canales

The Art of Design

The need to revalue graphic design in a hyper-connected society

The Art of Design

The large number of existing museums in Mexico City is one of its tourist attractions that brings hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. Of course this is not uncommon, as many cities in the world remain highly desired destinations thanks to their cultural offerings.

The museo-graphic samples and what we could commonly call art is a valued asset, there is a genuine interest of this in society, although often the bulk of the population does not have all the elements to have a critical stance or even describe how a piece made them feel. 

In a hyper-connected society in which we are always consuming messages and our attention span last only seconds, or sometimes even less, we have to depend on graphic composition to ensure that whoever is exposed to our communication takes the time to receive our message.

In this sense, graphic design should be a pillar in our communication strategies. Although we may not be holding massive exhibitions in museums or acquiring an interest in collection, we have to reassess because behind graphic design there is a whole conception of the world, it is “the photography of every moment “, and above all it makes us react even unconsciously.

This situation is particularly true in graphic design for advertising, as it is a very important element in the composition of an advertisement, a website, and the identity of a brand, and therefore, its success or failure.

A point of reference where both worlds meet is pop art, but as I mentioned before: it is only the photograph of a moment. Today there are many subtleties to take into account, which is why your company should have a team of professionals. Not only in design but also in other disciplines of communication. This team must be constantly developing projects and immersing themselves in different worlds to obtain the most valuable of each.

At Mijo! Brands we have a team of professionals in design, brand development and digital marketing. The offices of our agency are located in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta to give the boost your business needs.

Luis Daniel Canales is a Graphic Designer from the University of Guadalajara, and has extensive experience in the implementation and development of creative concepts for brands, and ranges from excessive attention to detail and absolute pragmatism. He believes that today's society has reached a high point in videogames, so he does not hesitate to dedicate himself to sessions of up to 14 hours when work permits.


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