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December 8, 2017
By Christina Stratton

How to Make a Connection as a Content Writer

Tips to connect with different readers from a commercial perspective

How to Make a Connection as a Content Writer

When you write for several different people and websites, it can be challenging to keep your voice unique for each assignment. From writing for tours to extolling the virtues of a luxury resort, each writing job is as varied as the clients’ services.

How does one make a personal connection to each topic and company when writing for several different clients in one day? Here are some ways to do this:

  • Research as much as possible about what your client is offering. You may have an idea about what your client needs for content. You know their desired keywords and about the services that they provide, but do you really understand why it’s important to them? Whether you ask them questions about why they do or read already published content, get to know your client and their services before writing.
  • Imagine yourself as someone who needs the service that you are writing about. Another way to connect with your reader and essentially make a connection between service provider and consumer is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. If you were looking for any given service, such as vacation at a beach resort or real estate help, you would probably want to read content that answers your questions. Essentially, you would want to read something that instills trust in you and that makes you want to choose the company for what you need. Write what you would like to read.
  • Try to connect on a more in-depth level with your readers. It’s okay to get personal. At least when writing content. People want to connect with what they’re reading and with the companies they may hire, even for services like investing in timeshare or renting a vacation property. Try to understand why readers may be looking for the services that you’re writing about and then connect with those reasons through your content.

Writing content for people and companies that you may have not met can be challenging, but definitely not impossible. Much of the time, it’s adding that human touch to even the most mundane service through using your creativity as a writer. Connection-especially in this day and age-is more important than you think.

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