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September 26, 2017
By Mijo! Brands

The Challenge of Getting Back on Your Feet

The challenge of getting back on your feet

The Challenge of Getting Back on Your Feet

A week ago, a 7.1 – magnitude earthquake hit Mexico’s central and southeastern states; causing significant damage to communities in an unfortunate reminder of what the country experienced exactly 32 years ago.

We at Mijo! Brands were very fortunate, even though our office in Mexico City is located in one of the areas that was hit the hardest, neither the building nor the team suffered serious damage. However, in order to maintain our team’s security and trust, we have decided to provide utmost flexibility in the ability to work remotely while keeping client accounts fully operational.

We have seen much of the damage firsthand, and have contributed to our community to the best of our ability. We are sure that the events that unfolded this year will leave us learning lessons for the rest of our lives. For the time being, we have begun the conversation of reviewing our own emergency situation response plans and would like to influence the same conversation that will rethink the reaction mechanism of our entire society.

We believe without a doubt that the people of Mexico have an incredible capacity to stand tall whenever they receive a coup of this nature. We also know that it will be a long period of constant effort to rebuild, and we are evaluating how to continue to contribute in our own way.

Meanwhile, a good way to channel aid is through an impeccable institution like the Mexican Red Cross. To learn more about this institution and how you can contribute, click here.

We are hopeful that the display of solidarity from the entire society symbolizes a wonderful omen of a better tomorrow. We are committed to putting our best faces forward and working shoulder to shoulder, without any notion of race of nationality. We as Mexicans receive with open arms people from all over the world who decide to build a home right next to ours, and after so many shows of solidarity we will have no qualms about adopting as brothers those who have joined us in this difficult time and have shared the love for this land.

Mijo! Brands is grateful to enjoy every new day, and to act accordingly. Mexico is rising again and we are committed to being at least a small rock in its new foundation.

*Photographer Gabriela Salazar


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