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March 3, 2017
By Adriá Muñoz

Videos as marketing stategies

Videos have evolved as powerful marketing tools

Videos as marketing stategies

Video formats have turned into a very valuable tool for companies that want to make an important switch in their digital marketing strategy and their social networks. The possibility to provide something more visually appealing for a consumer-who is increasingly more demanding when it comes to staying attentive to advertising-has made video strategies evolve, in ways which we explain in the following categories:

Bite-Sized video: These short clips have become very popular recently, thanks to their format that is especially designed to be shared on social networks. Their format allows people to see them and consume information independent of whether they watch it with audio or not.

They are the ideal videos to strengthen your brand’s image due to its accessible consumption and easy sharing. But for this to happen, it is very important that it of high interest. Examples of these types of videos are the ones you see on Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, or the popular Tasty. 

Original content: Video-blogs, such as this one, are also highly useful for strengthening your brand’s image and strengths. This type of format is maintained under the understanding that the user will not be watching ads and that YouTube is the 2nd most important information search engine in the world after Google.

For this reason, you should create content that will be easier for consumers to find you when they are searching for information. In other words,  it is easier for them to find you with a video explaining how to make tacos al pastor than with a commercial about your taco restaurant.  

Other type of content that is very useful and creative is making videos full of originality and humor, for example the ones that were made by Blendtec. In their video campaign “Will it Blend?” on YouTube, they quintupled their sales in the first year of their campaign. A big part of this is thanks to their great originality and freshness.

Youtube TrueView: This is the name of the ads that play before you watch the video that you want to see on YouTube. These commercials work hand in hand with Google Ad-Words, which means that these videos can be segmented by demographics, geographical areas, schedules, etc…

In this area there are different formats. The most used are the option to play the video without being able to skip it and the one that gives you the option to skip it after 5 seconds. They offer a great ROI because of their direct conversion factor of quality leads.

Aria Muñoz is an audiovisual strategist in Mijo! Brands, a leading creative agency based out of Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta. Visit us at or contact us.


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