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February 24, 2017
By Francisco Quinzaños

Mobile Marketing-The Future has Arrived

Marketing has had to evolve in a unique way to adapt to mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing-The Future has Arrived

Mobile devices have become essential elements in the lives of many people. Since at least a couple of years ago, internet connections with this type of device have far exceeded connections on computers.

Whether for checking out their social networks or leisure and work issues, every day there are more and more people who use these devices and the time they’re being used is increasing, as well.

Of course, brand positioning remains a principal factor and companies (of every type and size) are up to date with this radical change in society and they have made moves to cover as much space as possible through mobile marketing, also known as “smarketing.”

A mobile marketing campaign has to be planned in a delicate and efficient way, because you can’t just uncontrollably bombard the user with pictures or invitations to purchase. They will end up getting tired of the promotions and will opt to look for a tool or way to never see any advertisements.

Therefore, you have to reach your public in a subtle yet incisive way so that people get interested in the products or services that different companies offer; of course, always thinking about positioning yourself better than the competition and looking for the most original way to do it.

We already know this, because marketing has been present in our lives since a long time ago and we have witnessed how it has evolved to cover virtually any space in the lives of consumers.

From general social campaigns to specific strategies for mobile devices, such as Canvas in Facebook or Instagram, different brands and marketing agencies have the task and job of exploring the minds of the consumer to find the best way to market their products and services while at the same time respecting the navigability and time of the user who is becoming more demanding in regards to their time and who is becoming less accepting of massive commercials and advertising.

Smarketing campaigns aren’t the same as what we can see on other devices and through mass media, so to some extent, it can be considered a different kind of marketing with unique and essential needs and opportunities in its field. 

It’s clear that technology will keep on advancing and that people are more and more likely to register their cell phones. This signifies a great opportunity but at the same time it is a responsibility, because if the users have the benefit of buying, reviewing, or entering a specific web site with the simple act of touching the screen, this simple movement can represent losing the opportunity and the consumer’s attention. It can mean letting go of an opportunity to attract new customers or lose your regulars.

Smarketing has become a kind of art, which will offer much to see in the coming years for agencies and big companies in a world that is based on technology and temporality, but above all, the originality to achieve a brand commitment with the target audience.

Francisco Quinzaños is senior editor at Mijo! Brands, a leading creative agency in Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta. Visit us at or contact us.


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