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November 11, 2016
By Daniel Canales

Graphic mark as a branding element

The elaboration of a graphic mark is an important subject to consider.

Graphic mark as a branding element

Why is it so important to value the benefit of a graphic logo? Does it really influence the positioning process and brand value or are experts actually placing unnecessary importance on logos?

These questions tend to be an unspoken constant when it comes to the visual development of a brand, and can provoke some reluctance and antipathy among development team members.

As a branding agency, we focus on implicit strategic communication that expresses the specific brand objectives as a whole, such as its values, its personality, and its scope. All of these components are gathered together as data that helps creative designers understand the in-depth ideas and personality of the brand, whether it be to redesign or to help introduce into the market. 

If necessary, designers get the delicate and complex task of analyzing and diagnosing under different parameters that measure legible characteristics of the graphic logo. In the market, these parameters are very subtle to the viewer but rather unconsciously; this is where the correct development of a graphic logo lies within its ability to be present and, without actually having to announce its arrival.

Although there is a variety of parameters involved in the development of a brand logo, some stand out because they were specifically designed to give the image the adaptability between different mediums such as print, textile, or digital. It is also important for the image to be so comprehensible that the viewer will remember it with no difficulty. Thus, it is a very complicated task to develop a complex and unique image that encompasses all the information necessary to relay the brand’s identity correctly, as well as be suited to everyone's taste (it is actually nearly impossible).

Opting for basic parameters (such as those mentioned above) can often result in easier resolution of other more complex tasks. It is only a question of identifying the specific needs of the brand. A good way to start is to establish what categories the brand may belong to, and recognize any identifying elements that may illustrate this, such as symbols, typographies, etc.

Although straying from a category does not necessarily always imply error, it often results in inconsistencies and potential confusion on the viewer’s part. So, is the performance of the graphic brand important for the correct positioning of the logo? The answer to this is not exactly a straight yes or no.

At the end of the day, the viewer will always have the last word. In addition, often their response is not solely based on the creative graphic aspect of a brand, but also on other parts of a company’s branding strategy that convey brand values, such as social media management, advertising, and of course, the most important things the company has to offer from behind the brand: service and attention to detail. These two things are what make a brand’s values more tangible to the customer.

Luis Daniel Canales Parrilla is a Graphic Designer at Mijo! Brands, a leading agency in CDMX and Puerto Vallarta. Know our projects at or contact us.




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