Los Cuentos Brewery

Positioning a refreshing beer with a cultural flavor

We collaborated with this brewing company in Puerto Vallarta to conceptualize and launch their corporate brand and their two first beer brands. The instruction was simple: create a beer that promoted and celebrated Mexicans. The implementation: much more difficult.

Our team devised legends and Mexican traditions to identify creative concepts that appeal to the national market and eventually, to the international market.

We selected Atotolín and Kumukite as the first two brands for their beers, in order to communicate the love for Mexico via the narration of local legends and myths on their labels. Our bet on Los Cuentos Brewery succeeding in the promotion of Mexican culture paid-off well, because the brand has been able to expand – in collaboration with Minerva – throughout Mexico, with sights on launching in the United States.


Market research
Branding and brand strategy
Product and corporate naming
Atotolin was a finalist in a beer brand design competition
Social media strategy

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