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April 14, 2023
By Mijo! Brands

Importance of a Visual Identity Manual for Brand Building

A visual identity manual can help your brand create a consistent and recognizable image for your customers.

Importance of a Visual Identity Manual for Brand Building

What is the Visual Identity Manual?

The visual identity manual is a document, acting as a guideline that includes key strategic information about a brand to establish a visual identity that distinguishes it from its competitors and is kept in the memory of its consumers.

Its main objective is to provide a coherent image and effective graphic communication in all the company’s communication media. This allows users and potential customers of the brand to quickly remember their identity.

It is an essential tool to build a brand and boost business since it guarantees the proper use of logos, symbolism, color palettes and graphic communication that make up the company.

Advantages of a visual identity manual for your brand

All types of companies need a visual identity manual to reach their customers and stand out.

But, in addition to achieving a visual image and identity easily recognizable by our consumers, a visual or brand identity manual helps to better organize business communication.

If we take into account that this document includes logos, identifying phrases, a specific color palette, the vision and mission of the business, among other key aspects of any given company, we will understand the benefits that come with it when carrying out strategies and various actions.

It is a support tool for developing ideas of all kinds and establishing an internal culture that can be of great value to those who start working for the company for the first time.

There is a ton of communicational value within the brand and this means that it will be used frequently, creating consistency throughout the history of the brand.

Key elements of the visual identity manual

When developing a brand’s visual identity manual, we must know that there are no universal rules, norms, or specific regulations for the information that the document must contain.

For this reason, it is essential to focus purely and exclusively on the needs of the business, on the objectives, on the target audience, and on the imprint and visual identity that we are striving for.

Logically, there are essential aspects that need to be included in a visual identity manual, so you must take them into account. We invite you to learn about 3 of them!

The Logo

The logo of a brand is essential for the business to be recognized by its customers. It must be simple, representative, attractive, and easy to remember.

Color Pallete

The colors also strongly accompany the visual identity. The big brands have known how to use certain color combinations very well and make their products stand out within their industries.

It is important to choose a color palette that is consistent with the brand and its spirit to avoid future changes and adapt to the imprint of the company.


Graphic design offers us a great multiplicity of fonts to accompany a logo or generate a motto that is simple and promotes memories in the minds of customers.

Words and their typology are also key in a brand manual.

If your company has a good foundation established by a visual identity manual, it will be remembered by the target audience forever. In Mijo! Brands we can help you create it.

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