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March 13, 2023
By Mijo! Brands

Online education in Mexico: Important data for 2022

The Mexican Internet Association (AIMX) and OCC Mundial conducted one of the most interesting studies in all of Latin America aimed at informing the habits, demands, and new needs of internet users regarding online education in Mexico.

Online education in Mexico: Important data for 2022

The Internet Association MX (AIMX) and OCC Mundial conducted one of the most interesting studies in all of Latin America aimed at informing habits, demands, and new needs of Internet users regarding online education in Mexico.

The results of the research were presented in October 2022 and revealed very interesting data, including: 78% of the 5269 Internet users interviewed revealed that they want to continue boosting their knowledge online.

This accounts for the great digital acceleration we are experiencing and how technology has become strongly embedded in our daily work and education.

In addition, the study provides a broad and general view of Mexican education, showing that more and more people prefer to use computer tools, digital platforms, and online resources for studying.

Other data collected in the study refers to how Mexicans search for information: 7 out of 10 interviewees revealed that they do it through the Internet, 25% through educational institutions, and a small percentage through fairs, educational magazines, or recommendations.

In addition, the use of search engines is the most used tool for conducting online education searches in Mexico (38% use Google, Yahoo, Bing, among others).

Regarding the most important reasons that drive the choice of the best educational institution, the research collected a top 5 mentioned by the interviewed Internet users:

43% reported that it must be recognized. 33% opted for affordable costs. 32% preferred institutions with a good educational model. 29% prefer educational spaces with good recommendations. 29% marked a difference for online or hybrid study modalities.


The digital acceleration in Mexico and in the world has caused a massification of online education in Mexico, forcing many universities to have virtual and flexible plans for their students.

These new demands and needs of Internet users require educational institutions to strongly digitize themselves, facing a new challenge in terms of professionalizing online education.

This invites the creation of educational models with interesting and functional value propositions, as well as attractive ones based on distance learning or hybrid alternatives: courses, videos, online chats, collaborative platforms, and so on.

In fact, the AIMX and OCCMundial study showed that for the interviewed people, flexibility in study plans and schedules is extremely important and influences the decision to continue with academic preparation.

The research concludes that 56% of Internet users who are studying do so online and that 40% want to do so under this modality in the next 12 months. These data reveal an increase of 5 points compared to 2021.

What is also revealing is that only 20% want to study in person.

Undoubtedly, education has also strongly approached digital acceleration and must face the challenges that this entails, breaking the barriers of traditional teaching.


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