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January 9, 2023
By Mijo! Brands

Content marketing: A non-intrusive Strategy

Content marketing refers to the creation of quality resources for customers that are aligned with the objectives of the brand. Want to learn more? Don’t skip over this blog! 

Content marketing: A non-intrusive Strategy


What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is a technique focused on the production, publication and circulation of various content that focuses on the interests of the demographic of a brand. 

 Thus, the great objective of this technique is to provide potential customers with certain valuable and relevant information that attracts them to the business website and redirects them to generate some conversion: provide data, make a purchase, etc. 

 The type of content is an essential factor of the methodology because it allows attracting organic flow in a non-intrusive way, achieving business growth while strengthening brand recognition. 

Why is content marketing a non-intrusive strategy? 

We have mentioned that content marketing is part of a growing strategy and methodology because it attracts users to a brand, without the need to generate a direct and intrusive impact, like some of the other typical advertising methods. 

 The first phase of this methodology is to get users who are potentially interested in a brand’s products or services to visit their social networks or the business website. 

 To do this, content marketing is a highly effective strategy to attract potential customers to the brand without force. 

 In other words, by offering valuable and specific content, we can request certain information in exchange for the reader to browse our products or services. 

 For this to work, it is important to generate a segmentation of the target audience, study it , and know their needs to create the best possible content that impacts and invites them to follow the brand. 

Types of content. 

Starting from a good analysis of the target audience, we can begin to generate a content marketing strategy and create various options that capture their attention, attract them, and retain them. 

 It is important to innovate and experiment, adapting to the changes that occur in the world as a result of digital transformation and the creation of new and varied digital platforms. 

 The most impressive types of content with the best results today are: 


  • Blogs on specific topics that are closely related to the needs and interests of potential customers and, of course, are linked to the products or services marketed by the brand. 


  • Videos for social networks that capture the attention of the target audience. We know that this format is the most viewed by Internet users and social networks are increasingly useful for attracting customers to an online store. 


  • Webinars that can promote specific product information, demonstrate live usage, provide advice, and more. 


  • Podcasts that have positioned themselves as one of the most successful formats to achieve conversions and connect with users in a close and personalized way. 


Do you want to find out other alternatives? Take your business to the next level with content marketing experts like us at Mijo! brands. Get to know us! 


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