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December 1, 2022
By Mijo! Brands

UX & UI: Differences that Complement Web Development

UX and UI design complement each other within a website, forming good practices to drive an enjoyable and responsive interface experience.

UX & UI: Differences that Complement Web Development


UX & UI: What are they? How do they differ?

Digital transformation is unstoppable. The companies and brands are spending time and money to promote a UX and UI that allows users to understand the websites.

In the digital era that is growing by leaps and bounds, companies and their potential customers are more connected: purchases, sales, search for relevant information, connections between people, everything happens through a screen.

And it is in this scenario that the differences between UX and UI materialize, although both concepts seek to ensure a good user experience. 

The difference in the fact that the actions they perform are different. 

UI (User Interface) design practices focus on the interface and the esthetics, on visual structure provided on desktops, laptops or mobile.

For this purpose, programming languages and all kinds of visual resources are used in the development of the website, to achieve good usability, also pleasant and intuitive navigation.

UX (User Experience) design practices focus on the user’s experience when browsing a website; therefore, it is responsible for evaluating and testing the design, software, interaction model, and everything related to the site so that the experience is attractive and invites to stay on the web. 

How UX & UI complement each other in web development?

Although UX and UI are different, both practices complement each other in the development of websites because they seek the same goal: to generate an intuitive, attractive, and unique navigation that promotes a good user experience. 

It is important to note that the user experience is determined by how complex or simple the interaction with the interface elements of a website is. This point denotes that both parties are concerned with generating an interface structure that is functional, effective, and enjoyable.

If the website provides fast loading, intuitive navigation and is visually pleasing, the user experience will be positive. This will lead to conversions.

In the reality and practice of web development, both designs are crucial, every company must have experts in UX and UI to achieve websites, applications, or software well configured and focused 100% on potential customers.


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