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November 14, 2022
By Mijo! Brands

The impact of Google Analytics 4 on UX and web analytics 

Ready for the future? Google Analytics 4 brings us a substantial change in web analytics.

The impact of Google Analytics 4 on UX and web analytics 


UX and web analytics at the center of Google Analytics 4 

Towards the end of the year 2020, Google Analytics changed its name and became Google Analytics 4, revolutionizing web analytics and UX. 

It wasn’t just about updating its services, but rather a radical change: the measurement for learning about the customer’s activity stopped focusing on the set of web pages viewed by a user, to focus on “events”. 

This new concept, in the words of Google itself, refers to: 

 “…user interactions with content that can be measured independently from a web page or screen load. Downloads, link clicks, form submissions, and video views are examples of actions you can analyze as events.” 

Without a doubt, the platform has adapted to a new context where web analytics and UX play a central role for brands, taking into account that web access by people has changed after the pandemic since they can access various types of traffic and devices. 

This way, companies can obtain better control of their users’ data and based on that fact, can evaluate how the marketing strategy is working in order to improve it based on a wealth of real and valuable information. 

How the Google Analytics 4 solution powers UX?  

Today, the UX or user experience is one of the key points to adequately reach the target audience and generate positive and memorable digital browsing and web interaction experiences. 

We must not forget that every modern company must juggle strategies and actions that are focused on its target audience and its customers, because in this lies the scope of new markets, the improvement of current competitiveness, and the increase in conversions. 

 In this sense, Google Analytics 4 has positioned itself as the tool that allows measuring interactions between brands and users to arrive at reliable and valuable data that drives smart decision-making in marketing and sales teams to improve connections. 

Thanks to this modern solution, brands can empower UX and web analytics because they can visualize a unified user experience across their websites and apps and employ Google’s machine learning technology to display and predict new insights, never forgetting the changing ecosystem we live in. 

 Some of its new features and benefits are: 


  1. Multidomain analysis. 
  1. Navigation without third-party cookies. 
  1. Direct export of data to the cloud. 
  1. New predictive and user journey reports. 

  Do you want to learn more to enhance UX and web analytics in your company? In Mijo! Brands we can help you. Discover a team of experts that will guide you with the right media strategy and plan to achieve all your business goals.  

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