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October 12, 2022
By Mijo! Brands

SEO on your website… Do you want to conquer the Google podium?

The SEO strategy helps correctly position your website and allows you to reach your target audience effectively and profitably. Mijo! Brands SEO Agency.

SEO on your website... Do you want to conquer the Google podium?

SEO positioning has become one of the most critical factors when reaching the target audience and generating a larger audience to boost a brand’s sales.

Any modern company is doomed to be part of the digital world if it wants to survive in these times, where digital transformation, market uncertainty, and fierce competition dominate the landscape.

As a result of the pandemic and the emergence of new sales channels, online shopping has skyrocketed, making SEO strategy a critical factor in increasing the visibility of an online store, a website, and, ultimately, a company.

When carried out correctly in web development, it is a set of practices and techniques that allow a site to achieve a good positioning in search engines such as Google, Youtube, and Yahoo, among others.

This way, you can reach potential consumers or customers that the brand needs to sell its products or services.

Thanks to SEO, companies can optimize their web development content to appear in the top positions within the search engine.

Keys to achieving the best SEO strategy for your website

Designing a good SEO strategy in web development involves following a step-by-step, an appropriate structure that allows you to conquer the top of the most important search engines. We invite you to know about it.


It is about contemplating those keywords that have great importance for the business and through which your potential clients could search for you. It is vital to conduct keyword research, analyzing their search volume, positioning difficulty, and purchase intention.

Web development architecture with SEO strategy

Did you know that web structure is one of the key positioning factors? Having a defined and structurally adequate navigation allows you to hierarchize the authority of the content so that each page can be presented correctly in the search results.

Examples of this good structure are the keywords in the URLs, the hierarchy of titles and subtitles, the actions linked to the usability of the site and its intuitive capacity to generate conversions, etcetera.

Web development tools

Properly selecting the tools that will enable the website’s construction is also a key point since it will directly impact the SEO strategy and good positioning.

The hosting must guarantee speed and stability, the chosen CMS must provide SEO optimization possibilities to make the practice more efficient, and it is vital to analyze the plugins during web development.

Responsive design in SEO strategy

A website must be 100% responsive. That is, it must adapt to different types of devices without compromising the speed of the web.

This way, users can access and perform actions within the website without problems, consequently will help SEO positioning.

To design a proper SEO strategy is essential to work with a specialized marketing agency.

At Mijo! Brands can help you achieve your website’s successful positioning. Learn more about our impact!


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