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May 6, 2022
By Mijo! Brands

Branding: Steps to Creating an Effective Strategy

Discover how through branding you create connections with your audience and influence their decisions when they choose which service or product to buy.

Branding: Steps to Creating an Effective Strategy

When we talk about branding strategy we refer to a process that combines different factors and is sometimes more complex than creating the business itself.

But don’t worry, the first step is to remain calm and keep an open mind to learn and get a good grasp on new experiences on the way to assembling your brand.

What is branding?

In general terms, branding is known as “brand management”. It is all the actions related to your positioning, brand values, ​​and processes aimed at developing the potential of your business and its growth over time.

You create connections with your audience and influence their decisions when they choose which service or product to buy through branding. Branding aims to make your brand well known, distinguishable from your competition, communicate your values ​​and position yourself as the preference of your customers and prospects.

What do you need for effective branding?

Although there are different types of branding, in this blog we focus on corporate branding, that is, the one aimed at companies.

To develop an effective branding that explores and triggers the potential of your business, while keeping it current over time, you need a branding strategy that helps you integrate, in a balanced way, each factor that builds your brand and successfully makes your differentiators stand out to your audience.

How do you create a branding strategy?

  • Define your goal and where you want to be in 3 to 5 years. To answer this, do a market study. Analyze your competition and the context in which they operate.
  • Create your corporate identity. Check that this is consistent with your promise and values. At that point, you are already transparent about the naming of your brand, logo, and visual identity.
  • Describe who you want to reach. This means that you must establish your buyer persona since they will be the ones you will mainly focus on. That does not mean that you rule out the other profiles, but it is important that you define your demographic.
  • Be very clear about the value proposition of your brand. Establish your mission, vision, and the pillars of your organizational culture, as well as what you will offer to your audience and what separates you from your competition.
  • Establish a narrative and tone of voice. What stories will you tell your prospects, how will you communicate with them, what messages will you use, what experiences do you want to generate, and what feelings or sensations that will trigger their purchase decision?
  • Define what communication channels you will use. This factor goes hand in hand with knowing your demographic and the best communication channels for your industry.
  • Apply your narrative to communication channels and any actions you take like activations, for example. Build your prestige and loyalty with your customers.
  • Measure your results and be flexible. Do regular analysis of the results of each action you take, this will be essential to make adjustments to the scope of your strategy.

In Mijo! Brands, a creative digital marketing agency with offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals, specialists in branding strategies, and successful digital marketing strategies that unleash the potential of your brand.

Call us and tell us what you have in mind. We work step by step together with our clients until they achieve their goals.


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