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March 25, 2022
By Mijo! Brands

5 Trends in Internet Advertising

The pandemic pushed many businesses into the digital age. They saw the need to create advertisements on the internet that would attract customers or prospects.

5 Trends in Internet Advertising

Everyone knows that the pandemic pushed many businesses into the digital age as an urgent measure of survival. They saw the need to create advertisements on the internet that would attract customers or prospects. During this time, consumption habits changed, and many entrepreneurs had to create accounts on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, among other platforms.

Some entrepreneurs turned to the services of digital marketing agencies to create a website that would keep their businesses afloat in times when sales in physical stores decreased drastically.

According to studies by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), the pandemic caused an increase in online buying and selling, which registered an increase of 81% in 2020 compared to 2019. According to the Mexican Internet Association, the smartphone is the most used device to make purchases (85%), followed by the laptop (60%) and the tablet (38%).

Currently, face-to-face activities are in full reactivation and businesses have decided to continue down the path of digitization and thus combine commerce in physical stores with electronic commerce.

Discover 5 trends in Internet advertising

Given that the trend of more businesses with an internet presence continues this year, we present the following preferences that remain:

  • Increase in online advertising: Fortunately, more and more businesses are beginning to see advertising as an investment rather than an expense. Above all, entrepreneurs have learned the importance of segmentation and are making the most of it.
  • Greater knowledge of their clients: Business owners are learning to identify their ideal clients, which indicates a leap in quality when creating their advertisements. Knowing your ideal client is essential if you want to survive in the digital world.
  • Advertisements in different media: Entrepreneurs are using different media for their ads: visual, auditory, or audiovisual, which they broadcast through reels, stories, or feeds on social networks, podcasts, and/or videos.
  • More effective messages: In some cases, less is more. Entrepreneurs understand that messages must be direct, clear, persuasive, creative, eye-catching, and above all, believable.
  • Humanization: Businesses maintain a more human dialogue with their prospects and customers. They talk about your company, share testimonials from your customers and try to convey the essence of your brand and the benefits of your products or services in a transparent and human way. They not only want their prospects and clients to attend the Call to action, but they also want to create a community through their different communication channels.

Here are some ad trends that continue into 2022. It’s important to know that you’re not alone on this journey in the digital age. You can always go to the experts who will know how to guide you so that your business expands and stands out in the competitive world of internet business.

In Mijo! Brands, a creative digital marketing agency with offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals, specialists in creating creative and effective advertisements for your different communication channels.

Call us and we will gladly design the best marketing strategy for your business.


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