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November 13, 2020
By Erik Torres

What Gutenberg means for your website?

Get to know the tool that allows you to customize your website as you wish and make your business stand out from the rest.

What Gutenberg means for your website?

If you have ever had the idea to create your own website, you may have come across platforms like Wix or Squarespace both of which offer a “building block” like website builders. This of course allows non web developing savvy users to easily create the adequate website for your business. The downside for these platforms being that you are limited to the templates offered. For most this may not be an issue given the extensive and diverse gallery of templates but for those who want more out of their website, they would have to recur to other means, the most commonly used being WordPress.

WordPress would allow those more daring to create a website with more of a punch, buying templates of your favorite website template store and loading your content. The drawback here being as the previous platforms, you may have more available tools for your business but again you are limited to the appearance of your template. Although some templates are created on tools far more personalizable like Divi, this creates a more dense and overwhelming experience for those that just want to change the font size or color. In most cases here is where most users would give up and just hire a web developer, but in comes Gutenberg.

Gutenberg allows you to personalize layouts on any page for your WordPress website, from paragraphs, lists, headers and tables to video embeds, image galleries and more. Given the extensive WordPress community, if there is a block that you are looking for but is not included in core, you can search within the plugins to install that can add more building blocks.

Without a doubt, Gutenberg has allowed even the most unskilled user to build the adequate website for their business. Although this has given personalization beyond your wildest dreams, we know you, you want more colors, fonts, images. This is where we come in.

These building blocks can be further personalized to fit your needs and if they don’t, we can make them to fit your website. Building custom blocks that show your image gallery just the way you want, headers that further fit the personality of your business even beautiful transition animations to show your business is above the rest.

At Mijo! Brands, a creative digital marketing agency with headquarters in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, we have a team of professionals in all disciplines specialists in the design and creation of personalized websites that will take your business into the digital age successfully to become a benchmark.

Erik Torres is Fullstack Developer at Mijo! Brands. Erik is a web developer by day, and a summoner on Summoner’s Rift by night. When he’s not destroying noobs and flaming his teammates while playing League of Legends, you can find him hard at work increasing the world’s awesomeness one line of code at a time. He sees web development as a modern form of art, where each pixel has its own purpose and meaning to the whole that is the website. As a fan of beautifully designed API’s, he always seeks to make the cleanest and most legible backend possible to the point where a variable can become your whole website. In the words of Erik: “Arrays, variables and objects are a weapon of mass construction placed into the right hands”.


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