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November 3, 2020
By Carlos Becerra

Marketing to the dogs’ rescue

Learn how marketing can help you find your best friend. Here are 3 recommendations for the arduous search for pets.

Marketing to the dogs’ rescue

I would like to write about another topic on this blog, but unfortunately my dog went missing ​​a couple of weeks ago and it is all I think about since then. For those who have gone through something similar, they can understand the anguish caused by not knowing if your friend is okay, if it has eaten, if it is cold …

Beyond the pain that this entails, I was surprised by the response and solidarity of the pet search and adoption groups on Facebook. It has been very pleasant to meet such empathetic and helpful communities. Above all, I have discovered that there are those who have made the search for pets their means of livelihood. This is how I learned about the evolution of Pet Marketing.

After almost 2 weeks of searching, I have gone to all the help centers that I could and there is none that I can complain about. From the first interaction, they show their interest in finding your pet, whether you pay for any of their marketing plans or not. Also, they offer their support at all times. They provide you with basic information to avoid extortion in case you have offered a reward, or how to verify that it is actually your pet before meeting a stranger.

Every organization works differently. Some use their website as a database of stray animals, others take advantage of its robust community in networks to amplify the search. Most importantly, they use Facebook’s targeting tools such as georeferenced advertising to show the ad to more people in a given area. As if this wasn’t enough, the rental of the paid search plans includes the advice of an ethologist (expert in lost animals) to design an organic search strategy among groups in the area.

These are 3 that I recommend:

UbicaPet: They only have a Facebook page and offer the most complete information through a presentation. They boast an average of 90% success in their searches.

BuscaPet: It is a website that serves as a database of lost animals. It is not an NGO, nor a shelter. Therefore, it does not take care of animals, it only seeks to unite the owners with their pets.

Doggy Look: Owned by an Oaxacan entrepreneur. In addition to helping you make ads on Facebook, it also supports you in monitoring and posting in groups of lost pets.

Finally, if your pet just went missing, don’t give up. It’s a search that seems endless, but with a happy ending.

At Mijo! Brands, a leading creative agency in digital marketing, with a presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals who understand how necessary it is to generate empathy with the environment, so we support you with the generation of strategies so that your brand finds the ideal way to anchor itself in the sectors you are looking for and prevent you from feeling lost along the way.

Carlos Becerra is Community Manager at Mijo! Brands. A Social Communication graduate from Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), Carlos has developed experience in different marketing tactic through direct attention to the client. He considers empathy and the ability to find creative solutions his main strengths. A fan of stories, regardless of the digital or analog format through which they are transmitted, and an avid animal lover as confirmed by his dog Toto, adopted from distant lands – Mérida, not Kansas, and his cat Luis Miguel.


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