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July 21, 2020
By Bárbara Altamirano

Get to know the fundamental role of drive-to-store for companies

If you want a percentage increase in your results, you just have to understand the tools that this strategy uses.

Get to know the fundamental role of drive-to-store for companies

How many times have we read FREE COURSE and immediately want to take as many as we can? Specially, now that time seems to be moving slower and we could invest a lot of time in something like that.

While it sounds very appealing, this type of strategy is not new. It has been around since the 90s and it  can be found among the foundations of traditional marketing, including the digital one popularized between 2000-2010 thanks to the Internet.

With the development of digital marketing itself and the trend, which is now more of an obligation for companies, which must become more digital every day and have the ability to adapt to demanding consumers, the “Drive-to-store” offers many benefits as an active viewer and as a company many potential consumers.

How is this accomplished? Easy. Once the word “free” has caught your attention, the game begins:

Data collection and measurement

They measure and know our behavior on and off the network. They know what we consume, what we like, and what defines our purchase decision. Through this, future digital marketing campaigns that will lead to new purchases of the product, good or service which we have used for “free” are ensured. For instance: let’s take that Spanish course that we need so much, why not? The first level is free and then, to continue, we will pay the following months.

Tailored to your needs

Once we “liked” and signed up for courses, events, or anything else that appeals to us, that information is used to increasingly personalize the advertising targeted to us; communication is no longer one-sided, we teach the digital world our likes and what do we get in return? Twice as many ads with thousands of proposals. This is the differentiator between brands: whoever offers more and the best of what we like, will be the winner.

Marketing by Location

It is useful for brands when we make our location visible. That way, they will offer the things we like to consume at the right time and the right place. Why would I want that Excel course if I am on vacation at the beach? But how about those diving classes? And of course: “look, we can use the promotion ‘first hour with instructor and visit the reef at no extra cost’”!

Tracking number of visits

A study tells us that 80% of us review the establishment online before visiting it. It is like the customer journey, which is nothing more than the combination of a virtual visit and going directly to the facilities. I already took online courses, would it be a good idea to get to know my school, my classmates, the teachers? Present omnichannel.

Sustainable marketing.

Now-a-days, as consumers we care about the environment and sustainable consumption. We value companies that actively do not allow their footprint to impact nature. Once again, digital marketing is present as in those companies that suppress the use of paper.

By leaning on measurable and trackable digital marketing, brands today are betting on the drive-to-store strategy. Thus, there will be no excuse to start or position a brand, project or business on the web. We just have to understand the tools that this strategy uses and we will witness the percentage increase in our results.

At Mijo! Brands, a creative digital marketing agency with headquarters in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals, specialists in creating digital marketing strategies, who will help you understand the world of drive-to-store and will position your brand until it becomes a benchmark for your potential customers.

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Bárbara Altamirano is Community Manager at Mijo! Brands. She studied Communication and Media at the Universidad Tecnológica de Mexico. She has an empathy only comparable to her devotion to spelling. A faithful believer that travel illustrates, she doesn’t miss the opportunity to travel IRL or through books. She’s a conversation lover, who will always prefer a coffee shop over the noise of a bar. However,  it is impossible for her to fall asleep without music at full volume on her headphones.


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