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July 15, 2019
By José Sánchez

The Cinepolis Case: A Right Choice?

Cinépolis is one of the brands that decide to take strategic decisions, even when they generate controversy among their followers.

The Cinepolis Case: A Right Choice?

A few days ago, we witnessed the launch of the new logo of the most important movie theater company in Latin America. Through its social networks, Cinépolis announced what would be its new corporate image. It left behind its so characteristic isotype of five photographic films that formed a star and replaced it with a letter “C” with a small division. This is the video where the company made the announcement of its new image:

At a glance we can see a simple design that seeks to make various adaptations to the letter “C”. The objective with this rebranding is to take their new image to a digital transformation to improve the experience within digital applications and social networks. On the other hand, social network users didn’t waste their time and immediately expressed their opinions about the new image. Some rejected such a simple design: they miss the previous colors or, the already famous star.

I for one, consider that the decision to simplify and update their logo was the right one, since by doing so it seeks a better adaptation and functionality in small formats such as apps, profile photos on social networks and their website. I have seen many negative comments about it, however, I once heard that the interesting thing about design and creativity is that it offers the possibility of insinuating rather than teaching. That is, it is more interesting to involve people in your concept and what you want to communicate, rather than being as explicit as Cinépolis was before, “I am a film company, therefore, I put in my logo photographic films.”

I appeal to patience and to wait for the result of its adaptation in formats, both digital and physical, to know if their new image has been successful or not. Finally, Cinépolis is another company that has opted for a new image focused on a digital transformation and, as we have witnessed in recent months, other brands have opted for small changes, even some very drastic in order to make their new logos work better on digital platforms. Such is the case of companies likes Despegar or BBVA.

In the meantime, what is your opinion?

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José Sánchez is a Community Manager at Mijo! Brands. As a content creator, José is not afraid to rely on diverse elements and strategies convinced that the only limit is his own creativity. He graduated with a B.A. degree in Advertising and Media from the Technological University of Mexico UNITEC. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Multimedia Design. He’s the first born of triplets, and his character has been forged by the necessity to differentiate himself. Playing soccer is just one of the sports he enjoys along with outdoor activities, walking his golden retrievers and an afternoon with good company, and if it’s the right company, it could end up with a session of Netflix and chill.


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