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May 24, 2019
By Néstor López

The importance of Customer Success in your company

The importance of Customer Success is that it has revolutionized the way companies treat their customers.

The importance of Customer Success in your company

The relationship with the client is the fundamental basis for the success of a company. The way to communicate with him or her, can make all the difference between imminent bankruptcy or accelerated growth.

This is how the concept of Customer Success was born, which has revolutionized the way companies treat their customers. This area takes care of all the actions that are needed to optimize relations with the customer.

Usually, there is a tendency to confuse “customer success” with “support.” However, reality indicates that when we speak of Customer Success, the approach is totally proactive and its goal is the client’s well-being. It has the quality of anticipating talking to the customer before he or she has a problem, while customer service or support reacts only to the problem.

Then, what is the importance of Customer Success?

Nowadays, those companies that manage to place the client at the center of their strategy, effectively and in a real way, are the ones that have the greatest opportunity to grow and take a competitive advantage.

Customer Success aims to quickly build greater value for the customer. It helps them to obtain success with the product or service they have acquired, and so this way a long-term relationship of trust with the customer can be established.

Did you know that getting a client is twice or three times more expensive than maintaining one?

That is the reason why a Customer Success team is so important; It should be in constant contact with customers. This way you can guide them, advise them and make sure they have a world-class experience by constantly communicating with them.

Which are its duties?

Some of the main responsibilities of a Customer Success team are:

•  Prepare customers for the use and management of the product or service that the company offers

• Follow up constantly on the customer’s progress

• Prepare and present reports so that the client is aware of where he is and where he is going.

• Propose the best solutions for customers; whether it is returns, maintenance or updates.

• Obtain feedback on the product or service and work as a bridge between the customer’s feedback and the other team members.

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Néstor López is Fullstack Developer with Mijo! Brands. Self-taught, passionate about programming and good design since he was a child, a geek at heart and a former volunteer at the Red Cross. He keeps abreast of trends in agile interface development, participates actively in communities and collaborates in Open Source projects, loves big challenges and is fascinated by gadgets. He speaks in Javascript and converses in PHP, in his spare time he practices Python, Ruby or Esperanto; he cultivates the art of internal conversation and is very well liked by himself, and everyone around him. He enjoys making people laugh and music is a constant companion in his life.


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