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April 25, 2019
By Juan Manuel Saucedo


The importance of being and doing an administrator in achieving the goals of your company


First of all, we will establish what every administrator should be. We can say that your academic level is not enough. Although it is very important to have an academic preparation, we should also add personality traits, skills and technological knowledge that allow you to manage and work with the most important asset of the company: its people.

He or she must be motivating; a leader who has a clear vision regarding the control and direction of the company. Possess organizational and analytical skills, with decision-making abilities and focused on effectively guiding the resources of the company.

In terms of doing, he or she must analyze and think about the continuous improvement of the opportunities that are available in all areas related to your people, clients and creditors. The administrator must set clear goals, as well as the path to where to go to achieve success. The most important part of their skills is the transformation of the set of human, monetary and technical resources into a useful, efficient and profitable process.

Nowadays, in a globalized world, some of the challenges are: the global interaction of companies with their environment and the understanding of business activities with the network system. This means that the deeper it goes, the more you should consider the different transnational components and the digital marketing conceptions. That is, it must be more specialized.

In concrete terms, between being and doing, the administrator is the one who puts the pieces together that make up the puzzle of a corporation, with the intent to shape the idea that was expressed in the beginning and for the result to be a clear and objective image of it, with an adequate perception of the results.

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Juan Manuel Saucedo is an administrator at Mijo! Brands and entrepreneur. Regiomontano at heart and Vallartense by choice.


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