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December 5, 2018
By David Soffer

The business of buying customers

Tips to get the most out of the leads generated in a digital campaign.

The business of buying customers

Implementing an advertising and digital marketing campaign today is an advantage that you cannot afford to miss. If your brand is new you can position it based on the insights that have been developed and constantly updated in this vast sea of ​​digital information.

If you already have an established business, you can strengthen your presence and approach new market niches to expand it. Interaction with the community, customer service channel, positioning your staff as experts or opinion leaders in their area, etc. The list can be as large as you choose.

However, there is a purpose directly related to the foundation of any business: the generation of new businesses and customers. Citing a short and objective read required for any entrepreneur, The marketing book by Brian Tracy (Version in Spanish Grupo Nelson, 2016), I will share two phrases that will surely help you fixate on this idea:

“Every company is in the business of buying customers”

“The main reason for the success or failure of a business is determined by the success or failure of their marketing efforts”

Generating customers is the ultimate goal of all efforts made by your company to position, interact, advertise and promote the services or products it offers. But once you have implemented your digital marketing strategy and begin to collect the sweet data of your potential customers, the question arises: Now what do I do with all these leads?

Facebook can help you reach people who maybe didn’t know they needed your product thanks to their segmentation tools, while Google Adwords helps you appear before the eyes of those searching for your specific product or service.

This way, your sales team can get even more out of these valuable contacts by following these tips:

  • Provide clarity and certainty about your product or service: In an online campaign, the customer can’t see or touch what you are selling. Therefore, when making the sales contact it’s necessary to give certainty; understand their needs and explain with detail your offer to them. If you have a physical store invite them to visit, share their experience and treat it as if it were the referral of a friend, make sure you are prepared to answers any questions that may arise.
  • Language: When the moment comes to get touch, remember that if the prospect arrived via social platforms, then you must be social! Speak with confidence and assertiveness, try to establish a relationship rather than a sale, and put all your resources at their disposal so that they feel comfortable and safe during, rather than pressured during the ensuing conversation/process.
  • Feedback: Don’t forget to give feedback to your digital marketing agency about the interactions and conversions achieved. This way, your team within the agency can have a better view on the effectiveness of their segmentation and perform calibrations that will result in better leads. Your digital strategist will thank you greatly. Without the feedback, it will be difficult to fully gave your return on investment
  • Timing: If the person who shared their data was only searching for information or exploring options, despite your excellent sales work, fret not. If you have created a positive first impression, they will return to your organization when they are ready to purchase.

David Soffer is a Digital Strategist Jr. at Mijo! Brands, leading creative digital marketing agency with presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta with national and international clients. David graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Sciences degree at the Technological University of Mexico UNITEC, complemented by courses in editorial design, photography and digital marketing. David has a vocation of service focused on the client and knowledge of human nature, a vision developed along his journey through diverse companies with different cultures and levels of attention. He is in love and loyal and only allows dalliances with literature or through the lens of a camera that in his free time refines as an independent photographer.


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