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October 3, 2018
By Ángel Estrada

The advantages of having a secure website

From greater confidence to incremental sales through the implementation of the SSL certificate on your website.

The advantages of having a secure website

One of the most important issues web pages have- especially on e-commerce sites – is trust. When an online service is provided, transactions are carried out and information is exchanged between the server and visitor, having the SSL security certificate on your website is essential.

The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate offers visitors security. Having it installed reassures security allowing you to enter your personal and banking information, and confirms that you comply with applicable regulations, especially now times that we’re facing stricter data protection policies.

This certificate works as a security protocol that allows information to travel in a secure and encrypted manner. When data travels with these security measures it becomes difficult to violate and, in the event, that they were intercepted by a third party, they wouldn’t be able to read the content. In short, the SSL certificate protects information and transactions, ensuring that your data and those of your users are safe.

Nowadays, having a security certificate is not just a technical detail, but also implies significant advantages and benefits. Some of the advantages of this certificate are:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Search engines value trust, which will undoubtedly affect the position in which you will appear when a potential customer searches for your product, service or the topics you promote through your metadata.
  • More visits to your website: Main web browsers, such as Google Chrome, give viewing priority to a secure site. When you do not have a certificate, a message is displayed in the navigation bar indicated that your site is “Not safe”, and in extreme cases it will prevent access to your website when it is considered risky.
  • It demonstrates authenticity and builds confidence: By installing an SSL certificate on your site, you are demonstrating that it’s the company’s official and authentic site and it is not a fake site to perform phishing. In addition, regular or potential customers, will have greater confidence to interact.
  • Eliminates malware possibility: This certificate can scan websites and check if there is harmful or malicious code for the interception of data and infections.
  • More sales: If customers trust your site, they trust you. Proving you’re concerned about their safety, is an incentive to generate incremental sales. Online culture goes deeper, and users are aware of where you can and can’t share sensitive information such as bank details. The small padlock next to your address can be the incentive that motivates your users to make a greater number of transactions.

I hope that now that you know more about how to secure your website and the advantages that this can bring, you contribute in building a more secure internet. If you need to take the next step and do not know how to do it, come to Mijo! Brands. Our team of experts will support and guide you every step of the security certificate implementation process for your website.

Ángel Estrada is Frontend Developer in Mijo! Brands, a leading creative digital marketing agency with presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. Ángel is a Multimedia Engineer from the University Center of the Coast of the University of Guadalajara, with experience in interface development, user experience and web strategy. Junior dad position to which he recently joined. Born in Aguascalientes, but grew up on the coast. Loves everything that has to do with technology and is cataloged as a frustrated geek and occasional amateur photographer.


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