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October 8, 2018
By Luis Estrada

Pets: A shortcut to the heart of your consumer

The underlying opportunity in pet marketing

Pets: A shortcut to the heart of your consumer

Their names are Peter parker and Mary Jane. Jorge his owner, takes all kinds of care for his life partners, not only through an organic balanced diet but also has a stylist, veterinarian, gives them accessories and toys. They have become a very important factor in Jorge’s decisions making.

Jorge is currently in the process of moving, and his search for available accommodation options go through the bias of having a nearby park so that his dog-children can enjoy their usual daily walk. This is without taking into account the characteristics desired by Jorge for his own lifestyle.

And the term “Dogchild” although it sounds exaggerated is a reality for millions of people who every day, give pets a special place. It is estimated that there are around 30 million pets in Mexico!

According to a study conducted in 2014 by the Affinity Foundation in Spain, 31% of people surveyed consider their pet much more important than their friends, and in the case of dog owners, 75% consider their dog to be an important source of emotional support.

Undoubtedly, this growing trend represents an opportunity for brands that manage to connect with this market to get directly into the heart of their potential consumers and retain loyal customers.

Brands such as Moschino, H&M, Ikea and even Land Rover have identified opportunities and are adding to the trend with specially designed clothing, furniture and accessories. Petco is another example, which according to the business magazine Alto Nivel, “would have seemed crazy” a decade ago.

Petco offers specialized services and more than 7 thousand pet products. It arrived in México through Gigante group – who exported the concept created in San Diego, California in the mid-1960s- and is expected to conclude 2018 with 70 stores nationwide.

And the opportunity isn’t only within it’s market which is estimated to have a value of 2 billion dollars in Mexico by 2022 (Euromonitor International). The greatest treasure lies in understanding our audience and creating a connection based on their lifestyle.

At Mijo! Brands, a leading creative digital marketing agency with presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, we can help you find the way to your audience’s the heart. Our interdisciplinary team of expert professionals has experience in various markets and a broad vision that can boost your brand in the digital world. Contact us so we can create the strategy that can convince your consumer that his life – or that of their dogchild – is not worth living without your product.

Luis Estrada is Content Editor in Mijo! Brands. Bachelor’s in Journalism and Collective Communication by the UNAM, with years of experience in business journalism, technology and lifestyle through multiple media outlets with diverse audiences. He takes advantage of his split personality disorder to adjust the tone of voice for different clients. Explaining things is second nature and is a collector of useless data, he’s in love with theater and mass culture. As a hobbie he makes movie reviews, like the frustrated movie buff that he is and is an occasional lover of kitsch.


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