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July 6, 2018
By José Sánchez

The Definitive Guide to Adding Color to Your Life at the Office

3 tips to make your days at work more pleasant

The Definitive Guide to Adding Color to Your Life at the Office

The sound of the alarm clock fades in to the monotony of what seems like just another day. A quick shower and breakfast on the go, the martyrdom of public transport or traffic…everything it takes just to get to what should be considered your second home, at least because of the number of hours you spend there: The Office.

Let's accept it, maintaining motivation in the workplace is a difficult task, we are human and our moods have lots to do with our job performance. Many times, the four flat walls of a cubicle or impersonal relationships with colleagues are not the best things to help you bring out the best version of yourself. That's why we've compiled some small tips that will surely help you bring some color into your boring office life:

Create Your Own Environment

The little corner that has become the spot from which you face the world, does not have to be boring. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a window from which a brief moment spent admiring the outside world can provide a break from work. However, you do spend around 8 hours of each day there, it's more than fair that you add something that reflects a little of the inner you: a photograph of your favorite people or something that reminds you of the reason you push through work every day is a good place to start. A toy, an anti-stress ball, and even a plant or a flowers can help make this spot more bearable and serve as an escape if you run into a moment of frustration and need to find a way to get the ideas flowing.

Tip: Create a vision board, a blackboard with graphic representations of your dreams and what motivates you every day. Literally place your eye on the prize for a few seconds several times a day. This can have a great effect on your mood and therefore, on your performance.

Be Empathetic.

Working with people related to you is great, but is not always possible. Try taking another perspective from time to time, or taking an interest in their life away from work (even if it’s a little awkward in the beginning) is usually a great place to start. We’re not saying that you’re going to find your brothers from another mother, but it can favor the relationship and make a more cordial work environment. Surely you might not have much in common with Juanita the comptroller, but by being interested in how life treats her, she’ll feel more important and this will facilitate collaboration.

Tip: If you prefer to keep your private life out of the office, comment on recurring themes on which everyone has an opinion. Some examples would be television show, current events and even memes. Don’t forget to share something of your musical taste too – maybe not the most eccentric bands though -, so that your coworkers feel that they know a little more about you.

The Journey is the Destination

Routine floods through everything, even the same directions we take to the office every day, the time we leave and the way we transport ourselves. Think about what happens if we leave a little earlier to take a different path one day, or maybe a different transport route that takes a little longer but actually be the nicer scenic route. If it’s possible for you to arrive by bicycle to work, this will also help you to do a little exercise and to finish waking up before arriving at the office.

Tip: Prepare your trip so that it is not just the same monotonous process of going from the house to the office. Accompany it with a book, consistently update your commute playlists and definitely keep them on shuffle. Grabbing the subway from a different stop or taking a walk on a new street can add that touch of adventure that stimulates the brain.

These are just some of the factors that we value within our own coexistence at Mijo! Brands. We are a leading creative digital marketing agency in digital marketing that places high value on making our colleagues days at the office more efficient in order to create a positive impact on our clients’ results. Contact us to learn more about what our team, with presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, can do for you.

José Sanchéz is Community Manager and Designer with Mijo! Brands. José is not afraid to rely on diverse elements and strategies to create content, with the clear conviction that the only limit is his own creativity. A graduate with a degree in Advertising and Media from the Technological University of Mexico UNITEC, and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Multimedia Design. As the firstborn in a triple birth, his character has been forged by the need to differentiate himself. Practicing soccer is just one of the sports he enjoys along with other outdoor activities such as walking his golden retrievers or an afternoon in good company, which if indicated could culminate with a session of Netflix and chill.


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