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June 29, 2018
By Valeria Ruelas

The Apocalypse of Social Numbers

What really matters when it comes to social networking for business?

The Apocalypse of Social Numbers

At the beginning of time there was the first follower. And then the god of social media let the communities know that the higher the number of followers, the more successful their accounts would be.

Then came the New Testament and with the purchase of apocryphal followers came engagement.  Interaction, reactions, shares and comments became the gold hidden in publications that had to be uncovered as a treasure hunter. These type of metrics began to be very appreciated by clients, but the perversion in regular practices – such as click baiting – and the change of the algorithms transformed them into a goal difficult to achieve without involving a certain investment in specific content.

The day of the apocalypse arrived. And from the collapse of these numbers came the certainty that a captive audience will always be more valuable than a fleeting bird that likes all your posts. We went back to the basics and found that although engagement is very valuable in terms of increasing your reach, what pays the bills at the end of the day are leads. And those come from someone who already has a need, or of whom you’ve been able to wake up with your posts.

This is why a comprehensive strategy is necessary to solve your audience’s need, whether it is having fun or being informed, and eventually, appearing in their mind when you they have the need that your product or service directly provides. The axiom indicates that Content is King. To whatever extent you can connect with your audience, results will be generated for the business.

Therefore, you must be prepared to solve your audience’s needs – whether that be a real or potential audience – even if you do not yet know for sure that you have what they need. Eventually, this is what generates a degree of confidence, which will make you maximize the few seconds of attention that your brand will have with your potential consumer.

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Valeria Ruelas, is a Community Manager with Mijo! Brands, a leading creative digital marketing agency with presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. Valeria studied at the University Center of the Coast University of Guadalajara, and considers organization and creativity to generate content as her strengths on the professional level. She love experiencing moments of real realization after watching a good movie – by the way she also studied film –, but doesn’t despise a retro video game session or trying to align her chakras with Yoga practice.


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