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May 25, 2018
By Daniel Canales

Your Entire Brand Fits into One Image

Take advantage of the few seconds that a person is exposed to your brand

Your Entire Brand Fits into One Image

The popular saying that an image speaks a thousand words really was very well said, and when it comes to brand graphic design it speaks the truth now more than ever. Images, photographs, designs and logos have aided in the creation of great brands, and have allowed them to reach into the deepest minds and hearts of consumers. Good design is a for sure way to ensure the survival of your brand on the market…all while being backed by a good product of course.

We’re living in a time in which you can find content generators everywhere who won’t hesitate to use your brand’s message for or against you with minimal experience and subjective judgement. Therefore it’s extremely important to protect your public image and know exactly what it is you want to communicate, the implications of each message and the possible consequences your company may suffer if taken the wrong way.

Having a team of experts at your side to review the messages you’re choosing to send and the implications they may have is a sensational asset. We all know that have two (or more) sets of eyes is always better than one. Plus, you’ll have a specialized team of people who can help you create, align, review and adjust your communication at all times. This is a great way to create a strong impact in a world where you have little control except over your own message. Additionally, you can ensure that your exposure to your followers and potential clients is as productive and strategic as possible.

Visual imagery is so relevant today. Make conscious decisions about every element that you integrate into your graphic communication, because it helps to position you in a way that may even create the possibility of generating an emotional bond with your viewers.

Converting someone who comes across your brand into a customer is a difficult task, and accurate communication on all levels is a tool that will really help you in the process. Don’t miss the opportunity and make the mistake of thinking that the few seconds that a person is exposed to your brand are irrelevant. All of your work and all of your values can fit into just one image.

Mijo! Brands is a leading creative digital marketing agency that can help you fulfill this purpose. We have offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. Contact us to help you project your company in the digital world.

Daniel Canales is a graphic designer with Mijo! Brands. He studied Graphic Design at the Coastal University Centre of the University of Guadalajara and has extensive experience in the implementation and development of creative concepts for brands. He ranges from excessive attention to detail to absolute pragmatism. He believes that today's society has reached a high point in videogames, so he does not hesitate to dedicate himself to sessions of up to 14 hours when work permits.


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