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May 4, 2018
By Víctor Ramos

Seasonal Marketing: Mother’s Day

How to use the commemorative dates to launch promotions

Seasonal Marketing: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a date that has gained popularity because although it is not an official holiday, many businesses and schools have events to commemorate the day and it has become very common to decorate the party with various details. According to Google, the most sought-after gifts are flowers, wallets and perfumes, while restaurants are highly sought after for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

This leads to seasonal marketing: a strategy that aims to get the most out of commemorative dates like Mother’s Day due to the advantage of it being a fixed yearly date. This means products and promotions can be planned in advance to be better received by the consuming public according to the specific date.

In order to take advantage of seasonal marketing, we recommend the following:

• Practically every day something is celebrated. Identify which dates are related to the product or service you offer, or plan how to link your brand to the date in order to imprint your brand into the minds of consumers so that they think of you during that specific date every year.

• Takes care not to over-do the promotions, if the users see the promotions too frequently, the sense of urgency will be lost. More than 60% of the purchases made due to specific date celebrations, are decided based on promotions.

• Create experiences and appeal to emotion. Special dates are usually recorded in the mind much longer than a regular day so if you can relate your brand to that day through emotion, you can create long-term relationships with your customers.

At Mijo! Brands, our interdisciplinary team of professionals can help you set up a solution that takes advantage of seasonal marketing and many other resources focused on the digital world. Contact us today so we can help you achieve your business goals.

Víctor Ramos is a Digital Analyst at Mijo! Brands, leading creative digital marketing agency with presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. He is a Financial Engineer from the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of the West. ITESO, a specialist in marketing and digital analytics, does not conceive the optimization of websites and social interaction without the presence of mathematical and statistical elements. When he has free time, he usually dedicates it to a basketball game, which shares the podium in his preferences with the update of digital news and SEO positioning.


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