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April 20, 2018
By Néstor López

The Importance of Not Being Boring

An interactive website will help make your customers want to know more about your brand

The Importance of Not Being Boring

When we want to interest a client in a product of service, the first thing we seek is their attention by taking care of every little detail like our tone of voice, the environment and the music, to the interactions and responses from the client. 

This is the same in the digital world. It is no longer enough to have a website with updated information about your product and a subscription form to try and gather information on your visitors. Today more than ever, it’s necessary to focus on interaction. Which is why having a boring website is a luxury no one can afford. 

This situation has resulted in the integration of animations to websites. As the saying goes: “the devil is in the details”. Without going into exaggerations, adding small interactions throughout the user's browsing experience through a website, not only makes it more dynamic; it also offers a visual support system that helps explain the hows and whys of our product or service.

For example, usually we will have a “Book now” button, which is what we know as a “call to action” that when pressed generates a direct interaction.

We want the user to press that button, and not have it go unnoticed, so we must subtly guide the user to press it. Maybe by saying: “Here is what you’ve been looking for”, and have the client in fact feel convinced to click on that button.

For this and many cases, the animations and transitions are very useful to facilitate this process and to generate a positive impact on the experience of our users.

In this example, we can see how an animation is used to highlight the titles of the sections of a website or the specific areas that we want the user to pay attention to.

Another interesting concept is to animate an element to indicate to the user that they did something right and encourage that interaction. For example, when they like a Facebook or Instagram post.

These examples represent basic uses in the ecosystem of a good website, but this function can be utilized as far as the limits of the imagination.

How about telling a story with interactive animations that facilitate the user to assimilate the general theme of our company and at the same time complement the content of our website?

Capturing the attention of the users while we show them information that they will consider useful, will keep them navigating or exploring the different sections that finally guide you to the call to action.

You can find examples of all the above in one of the web projects that we recently developed at Mijo! Brands: Polynomial

In another Mijo! blog, we discuss web apps, which also serve to guide the interaction between the navigations of the site:

And finally we show you this interaction that has been awarded among the community of designers around the world, about brand identity in a registration form.

Mijo! Brands specializes in making attractive web developments that encourage interaction and project your brand in the digital world. Contact us to discover what we can do for your brand.

Néstor López is Fullstack Developer at Mijo! Brands, leading creative digital marketing agency with presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. Néstor is self-taught, has been passionate about programming and design since he was a child, is a geek at heart and a former volunteer at the Red Cross. He keeps up with trends in agile interface development, participates actively in communities and collaborates in Open Source projects, loves big challenges and is fascinated by gadgets. He speaks in JavaScript and converses in PHP, in his spare time he practices Python, Ruby or Esperanto; he cultivates the art of internal conversation and falls very well to himself, as to everyone around him. He enjoys making people laugh and music is a constant companion in his life.


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