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March 8, 2018
By José Sánchez

A Community Manager’s Secret Ingredients 

Elements that only practice, sensitivity and professionalization can add to your social strategy

A Community Manager’s Secret Ingredients 

Knowledge of the digital world, observation skills, analytical skills, communication skills and skilled writing are some of the desirable characteristics in a community manager. However, there are two key factors that often go unnoticed: passion and creativity.

In order to manage an account and its interactions well, you have to get involved. You have to become the brand’s #1 fan: get to know it in depth, fall in love with it and show it off. This is where passion is needed, adopting the account as your own with the knowledge that each action we take will directly influence the results. Take a look at the best angle and be an ambassador rather than part of a marketing team.

As for creativity, it is associated with the challenge that we face every day: distinguishing your brand from the bulk of the market based on the attributes that make it stand out. On that daily journey, community managers overcome the constant challenge that is the creation of content and authentic interaction with the community.

Social networks do not rest, and a Community Manager’s mind should not either. Windows of opportunity and inspiration are untimely, regardless of whether it’s the weekend, or four in the morning. Remaining forever attentive and converting the passion we spoke of in the first point into an ally is indispensable; and staying up-to-date on current trends in the digital world, is an obligation.

In this sense, learning to see the world through the eyes of your brand teaches you to value each opportunity and adjust to it in order to reap the benefits. Of course, always sticking to the account's own personality, and making it friendly and accessible to your audience plus evading any rugged subjects. It is worth remembering that there is a fine line between personal humor and what is acceptable for each company. Find that line and never cross it; it is important to always share positive emotions with your community and avoid controversial issues such as politics or religion.

Understanding the moment is essential when you are in constant contact with a community. It’s like when you tell a joke: you must understand to whom you are telling it, at what moment you choose tell it and know if they share the same humor, because its effectiveness will depend on all of those things. Demonstrating that you understand your audience will communicate a sense of closeness, which is very necessary when you have to deal with the occasional conflict in order to prevent the situation from becoming a bigger problem.

Without a doubt, when it comes to managing your communities, a team of professionals such as those found at Mijo! Brands is indispensable! We are a creative digital marketing agency with presence in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, that will engage with your brand in the areas of brand development, social strategy, web design, and social content. Contact us to find the ideal recipe to project your brand into the digital world!

José Sánchez is a community manager with Mijo! Brands. A content creator who is not afraid to rely on diverse elements and strategies, with the clear conviction that the only limit is his own creativity. He graduated with a degree in Advertising and Media from the Technological University of Mexico UNITEC, and currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Multimedia Design. First to be born in a triple birth, his character has been forged by the need to differentiate himself. Practicing soccer is just one of the sports he enjoys along with outdoor activities, walking his golden retrievers and an afternoon in good company, which if indicated, can be culminated with a session of Netflix and chill.


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