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February 23, 2018
By Guillermo Lamphar

Facebook is Paying Even More Attention to People

The new Facebook algorithm will hierarchize content based on user interactions

Facebook is Paying Even More Attention to People

Despite all the advertising, company pages, games and services that use it as a platform, Facebook remains essentially a social network. The social network.

Although it has successfully managed to monetize the undivided attention and data that a user offers, most people still consider Facebook as a network that serves to maintain family and friend relationships. It is Mark Zuckerberg’s own company that has reminded us of the fundamental reason for his success what that remains at the center point of his services: human relationship.

Facebook’s algorithm works as a type of amplifier: if content is relevant, it will show it to the maximum number of people and its relevance is measured based on the number of interactions it generates. But how does Facebook decide which initial audience to show the content to in the first place? Ah, well that’s the whole secret.

The basic idea is that Facebook first shows the content to a small audience, and then increases the reach while monitoring the number of reactions generated by that content. As Facebook’s content positioning tactics began to improve, more companies began to add and maintain their personal profiles on the platform. With simple arithmetic, their content would flood into user’s newsfeeds.


Although, in a recent update, Facebook decided it would give greater relevance to social content that could generate more interactions with the users themselves. Photographs of a trip, a controversial video or important events on a personal or social level are the most likely to generate a larger number of comments or reactions.

As the effectiveness to position content organically on Facebook increased, more companies began to add and maintain their pages on the platform, and by simple arithmetic, their content began to flood the users' news section. But in a recent update, Facebook decided that it would give greater relevance to the social content that could generate more interaction among the users themselves: photographs of a trip, a controversial video or important events on a personal or social level, will be the most likely to generate a large number of comments or reactions.

Fundamentally, social content will be declared more relevant; that is, people’s content over the company’s content.

Is that clear? The Facebook is again seeking to highlight its philosophy: Human relationships over commercial relationships.

What does this mean for your company page?

Simple. Interaction is now more important than ever. The algorithm’s fundamental logic when it comes to deciding what to show to a user or not is maintained, but now the number of interactions necessary for a publication to be considered relevant must be greater to compensate for the priority that the platform is giving to social and personal content.

Companies will have to be more social than ever and maintain only the most exceptional content, which relates directly to a greater knowledge of their audience. It does not matter if the value that your content offers is informative, playful, emotional or even commercial, but it must provide a value to the user so that he is prone to interact with the publications through a comment (even if it is tagging a friend), a share or a reaction.

This is the big challenge for companies on Facebook, that's why we share these #MijoTips:

  • Provide value with your content: inform, connect, have fun.
  • In your network strategy, try to include activations throughout the year, which preferably stand-out among traditional communication by using visual or text elements.
  • Make varied publications using all formats of visual content.
  • Vary the textual content of the publication: asks question, invite, entertain, use emojis and other elements depending on your target audience.

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Guillermo Lamphar is Digital Strategist with Mijo! Brands and a writer, he graduated from the University of Guadalajara in Multimedia Communication Engineering. As a rejuvenator of brands, he adapts messages to new audiences through adjustments in communication tones, enjoys the company of good books and people who can hold a conversation about them.


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