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November 17, 2017
By Ramón López

Treading New Grounds With Innovation

Mijo! Brands consolidates its presence in Guadalajara.

Treading New Grounds With Innovation

“Reading is the journey of those who are not able to take the train” wrote the playwright and librettist Francis de Croisset at the beginning of the 20th century. The role of books and language as a massive extension of the human mind is undeniable, since they contain thoughts, memories, creation and ideas; and now the digital world is an enhanced expression – for better or for worse – of what humanity has achieved through language, avoiding the difficulties of time, distance and even language barriers.

Since our inception almost 10 years ago, Mijo! Brands has focused on being part of the development of this expressive environment, executing digital project development in different latitudes supported by the global knowledge of our collaborators.

A couple of years ago we started the trip to expand physically outside of our native Puerto Vallarta, in search of opportunities and advantages that play in favor of our clients. Today we have offices in Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta, and we are beginning to consolidate our presence in Guadalajara.

Jalisco being our homeland, we are confident that the thriving development of Guadalajara and its metropolitan area may provide new opportunities for the company; we already have local clients who have favored us with their trust, knowing the close collaboration we have within our team.

We recognize the great potential for technology and the creative industries in the Pearl of the West, and we seek to take advantage of this ecosystem to nurture our team with talent and ideas, to boost the digital presence of our partners and keep us in their preference, while at the same time injecting new blood to our team through the alliances that we form with the universities.

Innovation is a common practice at Mijo! Brands and is what drives the decisions we make every day. This is just one more step that will keep us at the forefront as a creative digital marketing agency in the social media landscape in Guadalajara, all of Mexico, and beyond.

Ramón López is the Technology Director and Founding Partner of Mijo! Brands. Visit or contact us here.


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