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November 9, 2017
By José Sánchez

A Community Manager: Your Clients’ Best Friend

Become a part of their lives and make your digital presence count.

A Community Manager: Your Clients’ Best Friend

There is only one opportunity to leave a first impression. We must accept that humans are governed by prejudice and that first impressions will determine in most cases how opinions on a person, topic or brand will be formed. No doubt, this opinion will define whether we commit to creating a relationship or whether we prefer to let the opportunity pass. There are very few times that people dare to put their own preconceived ideas on trial.

This issue becomes relevant when you want to position a company in the digital world, because it is important that the people who are giving a voice to the brand do so with the brand's own personality in a clear and coherent manner with all its communication strategy.

There are many ways to get new followers on social networks, but there is only one way to keep them: invest in creating a relationship with your users.

Personally, from my position as a Community Manager, I like to equate the process with that of getting to know a new friend. To start a friendship we must first create empathy, it is very likely that your new follower has already identified with some brand value and having access to their wall or timeline is an invaluable opportunity to deepen showing who you are – and that is above all why it should stay true to your brand.

But the opportunity goes both ways, because you also have to know how to listen, and get to know their tastes and interests, to be able to offer them content that is generating value for followers and avoids the infamous “unfriend” or “unfollow” button.

When we get to know our followers, their tastes, their concerns, their goals, dreams, opinions and behaviors, it is easier to create strategies so that the relationship not only continues, but the content that your brand promotes becomes an essential part of the relationship. The digital experience and as the slogan of a departmental store says, you become “part of their life”.

At Mijo! Brands we have a varied and professional team of Community Managers, with extensive experience and who adjust to the personality of each brand, spend time getting to know their target audience and strive to generate long-term relationships with followers, increasing the value of your digital presence.

José Luis Sánchez is a Community Manager at Mijo! Brands, leading creative digital agency in CDMX and Puerto Vallarta. Visit us at or contact us.


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